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Download online: A Arte de Escrever by Arthur Schopenhauer: mobi, PDF

Arthur Schopenhauer

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Nesta antologia de ensaios recolhidos de ´Parerga e Paralipomena´, o leitor vai encontrar textos que trazem as mais ferinas, entusiasmadas e cômicas reflexões acerca do ofício do próprio Schopenhauer, isto é, o ato de pensar, a escrita, a leitura, a avaliação de obras de outras pessoas, o mundo erudito como um todo. São eles: "Sobre a erudição e os eruditos", "Pensar por si mesmo", "Sobre a escrita e o estilo", "Sobre a leitura e os livros" e "Sobre a linguagem e as palavras". Embora redigidos na primeira metade do século 19, estes ensaios, ao tratar sobre o mundo das letras, os vícios do pensamento humano, as armadilhas da escrita e da crítica, continuam válidos -hoje talvez mais do que nunca Download online: A Arte de Escrever by Arthur Schopenhauer: mobi, PDF. E, marca personalíssima do autor, são modernos, pulsantes de vida, de inteligência e humor.

"Para ler o que é bom uma condição é não ler o que é ruim, pois a vida é curta, o pace e energia são limitados."Livro para reler de pace em tempos.

I stumbled on Schopenhauer unexpectedly. I had heard of him prior to in passing, most likely pointed out in reference to pessimism or in a laundry record of German philosophers. whereas examining Doubt: A background I stumbled on this: "Schopenhauer didn't think in God, yet he didn't think in technological know-how either. To him, attempting to find out about truth by way of knowing the legislation of nature (as they seem to us) is doomed. but he believed there has been a valuable pursuit of truth, via art." and that's the second i made a decision that i have to learn every little thing Arthur Schopenhauer ever wrote. I simply knew that he used to be the type of thinker i'll get on board with, seeing as how that concept greatly displays my own Download online: A Arte de Escrever by Arthur Schopenhauer: mobi, PDF. whilst i made a decision to learn his works, i used to be watching for a protracted and heavy slog via dusty previous prose, tedious metaphors and analogies, with an occasional snippet that might make all of it worthwhile. i haven't been so wrong. Schopenhauer is a breeze to read, and infrequently humorous (intentionally and unintentionally). I knew i would made a good selection with Schopenhauer the instant he begun lambasting Hegel (everyone who has mentioned philosophy with me understands how a lot I despise Hegel). Schopenhauer writes in this type of transparent and detailed model that you're by no means puzzling over what the hell he simply said, as occurs so usually with different nineteenth century philosophers (ans a few twentieth century ones). The paintings of Literature is a suite of the next essays: On Authorship, On Style, at the learn of Latin, On males of Learning, On considering for Oneself, On a few kinds of Literature, On Criticism, On Reputation, On Genius. I disagreed with him really heartily on a couple of subjects, yet even then i used to be left pondering issues in a brand new and various light. i might certainly suggest this as an creation to Schopenhauer, because it does not fairly get into his philosophy of the Will, yet is extra conversational and aphoristic.

عنوان الكتاب مخادع إلى حدٍ ما، كان في فصل أو فصلين عن نقد الكتابة والتأليف، وكان مقصود فيه التأليف الفكري المقالي أكثر من الأدبي. بشكل عام مقالات شوبنهاور بالكتاب ما فيها محتوى فكري ومحاججات منطقية بشكل كبير، بس مركزة على روح الفلسفة وروح الفيلسوف من وجهة نظرو، وفينا بوضوع نشوف كيف فريديرك نيتشه تبنى معظم هالروح الأرستقراطية المؤمنة بالفردية وبتفاوت الناس. على كل الأحوال اسلوب شوبنهاور بالكتابة متل كل الألمان اللي قريتلهم لهلق هو اسلوب سهل وممتع وقوي وغير خالي من التهكم المقصود وغير المقصود، وفيو مواقف جريئة وبتفش القهر، وتجربة القراءة كانت ممتعة جداً خصوصاً بفضل الوضوح اللي امنتو مقدمة الكتاب وشروحات المترجم والمقدم الواسعة جداً.

É tão prepotente, preconceituoso e sarcástico que não merece um comentário mais elaborado.

Dit boek is echt een aanrader voor zowel schrijvers als lezers. Het geeft een heel inzichtelijke kijk op hoe het in beide gevallen zit en waar tekortkomingen zijn.

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tuttuğum bir eleştiri. biraz sarsıcı. bazı kısımlar biraz taban gerektiriyor kanımca Download online: A Arte de Escrever by Arthur Schopenhauer: mobi, PDF. ama güzel

The first essays (on authorship, on style) are beautiful good Download online: A Arte de Escrever by Arthur Schopenhauer: mobi, PDF. the remainder is a combined bag. And Schopenhaeur has an obnoxious pork with a number of near-contemporaries similar to Lessing and Hegel, which make many of the essays demanding (-1 star). Kudos for calling Tritam Shandy and Don Quixote of the easiest novels ever (+1 star).

Schopenhauer is the one philospher whose essays i have ever learn voluntarily. He writes greater than lots of his ilk.

كم يكون المرء سعيدة حين يمنح three كتب متتالية تقييم خمس نجوم.. Download online: A Arte de Escrever by Arthur Schopenhauer: mobi, PDF.حسنا،الكتاب يعرض جانب غير مشهور في أعمال شوبنهور لغلبة شهرته كفيلسوف السوداوية الأول،حيث يبدو شوبنهاور هنا كناقد أدبي بارع و محلل أجتماعي و نفسي موهوب،ناهيك عن أراءه الجديرة بالتأمل فيما يخص العبقرية

In this brief compendium Schopenhauer, between different things, seriously criticizes obscurity in writing. a specific thing so universal in philosophy and in gentle sciences in general.He claims guy who've won complete wisdom at the topic might locate no problems in speaking it as easy and transparent as possible, and in basic terms whilst the topic is partly understood that one must fill the gaps with a rhetoric shroud that renders it

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