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Read online: A Time To Love and a Time To Die by Erich Maria Remarque: PDF, ibook

Erich Maria Remarque

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Ernstas Greberis, pagrindinis romano „Laikas gyventi ir laikas mirti“ (1945 m.) veikėjas – vokiečių armijos, kuriai vadai buvo pažadėję viešpatavimą visame pasaulyje ir kuri dabar skaičiuoja žuvusiuosius, kareivis. Trumpam paleistas atostogų, jis tik according to plauką išvengia mirties ir, palikęs frontą prie Stalingrado, išvyksta į gimtinę aplankyti artimųjų. Tačiau kelionė namo didelio džiaugsmo neatneša: pakeliui jis mato vien buvusio gyvenimo griuvėsius ir karo palaužtus, išsekusius žmones. Toks pat vaizdas Ernstą pasitinka ir gimtinėje. Klaidžiodamas po griuvėsius, jis atsitiktinai sutinka vaikystės draugę Elizabetą. Šis susitikimas nuskaidrina Ernsto gyvenimą, įsižiebia meilė. Tačiau ar įmanoma šį jausmą išsaugoti ir puoselėti, kai aplink viešpatauja karo baisumai ir neišvengiamai artėja metas grįžti atgal, į frontą?

Mul on alati peale iga raamatu lugemise lõpetamist sees tühjus, aga peale selle raamatu lugemist ma nii ei tundnud. Teos oli terviklik, Remarque ilus ja ka kergelt irooniline kirjeldus noorest armastusest, kahuriliha põlvkonnast ja inimeste loomupärasest käitumisest sõja ajal. Kui alustasin raamatu lugemist teadsin, et Graeber hukkub. Algul ei võinud mõista miks, kuid teose edenedes mõistsin miks autor oli nii teinud. Peategelane ei suutnud enda südant kalgistada isegi peale kõiki neid aastaid mil ta oli olnud rindel ning näinud nii palju surma, lootusetust ja seda, et kedagi ei saa usaldada. Hirm ja masendus selle ees, et võitled millegi eest millesse sa ise enam ammu ei usu, sain ka ise finish selle olukorraga samastada ning usun, et seda saavad teha ka paljudki teised. Otsustusvõimetus võib tappa meid kõiki. Graeberi ja Elizabethi armastus oli liiga ilus ja puhas, sundimatu ja tingimusteta. Kui peategelane oleks rindelt teist korda naasnud ei oleks tunded olnud enam samad. Hirm selle ees, et kohe saab kõik läbi, oligi kogu nende armastuse ilu.

A Time to like and a Time to Die is a fabulous ebook which, regardless of being very darkish and tough to learn at times, became out to be my candy break out from the genuine world. It matters international warfare II, however it can quite check with any daily regimen which turns out to suck the lifestyles out of us. simply because regardless of there being a really transparent tale and storyline, this publication is above every little thing else a look for peace, for love, for hope. What i used to be left with in spite of everything was once now not identical to the chilly muddy Russian fields – i used to be left with that lovely small apartment which resembled paradise in the midst of hell Read online: A Time To Love and a Time To Die by Erich Maria Remarque: PDF, ibook. i used to be left with a gorgeous love tale which began so without warning and lasted so short, yet which by no means rather ended. i used to be left with such a lot of questions whilst I grew to become the final page. i used to be sad, i used to be surprised, i used to be angry, and that i used to be beaten having ultimately understood the rattling title. Why couldn’t it were A Time to like and a Time to Fight? Why did he need to die? And why did that take place simply while he eventually stood up for himself, for what he believed used to be correct and for these ungrateful wolves undercover who he regarded as innocent? This ebook is the very instance of ways merciless lifestyles occasionally can be, but additionally of ways genius a regular guy can be Read online: A Time To Love and a Time To Die by Erich Maria Remarque: PDF, ibook. I surprise on the swap in most cases personality from the start till the tip of the book. And the main terrible factor in the end was once the truth that simply he and his spouse have been changed, and every little thing else remained the same. It didn’t subject what he believed in; it didn’t subject what he knew or didn’t know; it didn’t topic if there has been a person he enjoyed or no longer – there has been struggle and he used to be a soldier, and that used to be all that mattered. The devastating fact is that Graeber was once not anyone within the face of war, and he was once not anyone within the face of history Read online: A Time To Love and a Time To Die by Erich Maria Remarque: PDF, ibook. And perhaps, there has been a couple of Graeber within the battlefield.

I have constantly been keen on Erich Maria Remarque's novel "All Quiet at the Western Front", which I deliberate to be the best battle novels ever written. So, while I observed "A Time to like and a Time to Die" at a used e-book store, i used to be excited to learn it. I had was hoping that "A Time" may stay as much as the excessive criteria of "All Quiet". i used to be no longer disappointed."A Time" is arguably an excellent larger novel than "All Quiet". Set in global warfare II, it's the tale of Ernst Grueber, a soldier within the German military at the Russian entrance who, after years of continuing combat, is abruptly granted a 3 week leave Read online: A Time To Love and a Time To Die by Erich Maria Remarque: PDF, ibook. He is going home, excited to place the devastation and privation of conflict in the back of him and revel in the luxuries of home. but if he will get to his hometown, he unearths an identical blown up buildings, an identical human misery, an identical piles of our bodies that he observed in Russia and Africa and France and different areas the place he had served with the Wehrmacht. The Nazis had introduced the horrors of struggle to such a lot of different nations when you consider that 1939 Read online: A Time To Love and a Time To Die by Erich Maria Remarque: PDF, ibook. Now, the allies had taken to bombing the town, and the bombing raids introduced the horror of battle domestic to Germany. yet even worse than the bombing raids, the Nazi celebration had grew to become neighbor opposed to neighbor and brother opposed to brother, until eventually not anyone may possibly converse brazenly approximately anything. it sounds as if the Nazis destroyed Germany once, and the allies destroyed the rustic a moment time.Ernst returns domestic to discover his kinfolk domestic destroyed and his family members missing. whereas he is on the town he runs int

.undefined Read online: A Time To Love and a Time To Die by Erich Maria Remarque: PDF, ibook Free download: The Magician's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia (Publication Order) #6) djvu Read Intertidal Ecology PDF Download A Handyman's Best Tool PDF
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