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Read Deux Pour Une by Erich Kästner: PDF, rtf

Erich Kästner

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Melyik gyerek nem gondolt még arra, mennyire jó lenne egy ikertestvér, aki úgy hasonlítana rá, hogy még az édesanyjuk sem tudná megkülönböztetni őket? Nos, Kästner regényében két ilyen kislányról van szó Read Deux Pour Une by Erich Kästner: PDF, rtf. Ráadásul még nem is ismerik egymást, mert szüleik régóta elváltan élnek, s egyik az apjánál, másik az anyjánál nevelkedik. Az ikrek egy gyermeknyaralóban találkoznak, és rájönnek, hogy testvérek. Hasonlóságuk sok mulatságos bonyodalmat okoz, de a két kislány komolyabb dolgot tervez: ki akarják békíteni az elvált szülőket, s ezért szerepet cserélnek. Hogyan viselkedik mindegyik a megváltozott élethelyzetében, és miképp sikerül tervük végrehajtása – erről szól A két Lotti könnyes-vidám története.

Another early life fav of mine. The English version's name and canopy make it look like this is often only one of any kids' books, yet this is often truly particularly sophisticated. I if I comprehend correctly, the unique name "Das doppelte Lottchen" ability Double Lottchen (Lottie). the canopy paintings of the German version conveys this concept well, exhibiting exact girls. it is a tale of identification swap. there's something very interesting approximately this theme, and plenty of authors have attempted it; Mark Twain wrote The Prince and the Pauper. there has been a film Face Off, which gave a brand new spin to this outdated theme. The topic finally asks the query of who we are. This humble novella works in this subject matter in a fashion a toddler can comprehend and enjoy. it is enjoyable to read, and after the chuffed ending, you retain wondering.

Erich Kästner knows youngsters – as he says adults are usually not disregard that children’s sadness is as genuine and sincere similar to theirs, it doesn’t topic what childrens cry about, simply because in lifestyles it’s now not vital what you grieve about, simply how a lot you grieve. he isn't afraid to put in writing approximately adults’ difficulties (like divorce) and their impact for children. And his tales are flavoured with substantial volume of humour, in order that either younger readers and their mom and dad don’t omit to continually see the humorous side.

Lovely story, the writing makes sense and interesting. I savor it much more now. it is the excellent break out after a nasty a day.

This ebook encouraged quite a few films, together with the English language model The mother or father Trap. In either tale and writing (which can have to do with the translator) i discovered this stronger to the former Kästner publication I read: Emil and the Detectives.

از اولین کتاب هایی بود که خوندم و بسیار هم لذت بردم.

Книжки Кестнера завжди хороші - автор безперечно на боці дітей, але разом з тим може доступно пояснити в чому проблема з дорослими і як дітям з цим жити. Дотепна і зворушлива повість про двох близнючок, розділених в дитинстві, які, випадково зустрівшись вирішують помінятися місцями. Плюс соціальний аспект - розділені героїні виростають в різних прошарках суспільства, внаслідок чого отримують досить різний досвід дитинства.

This used to be one in every of my favorite books as a child, i have learn it goodness understands what number times! Been taking into account rereading it in German a while to perform my language skills.

It's considered one of my favorite kid's books.

Thanks to Goodreads pal Gundula (I can’t properly thank her!) who gave me this replica of the book. So, i ultimately received an opportunity to learn it. For years, ever on account that I knew that the motion picture The guardian seize was once in line with this book, I’ve desired to learn it. My complete existence I continually sought after a dual sister, or at the very least siblings. This e-book may have certainly been a favourite e-book of mine had I learn it at age nine or 10, in regards to the time i used to be first having fun with the movie. And, regardless of being an important fan of Hayley Mills, i believe i might have loved the publication much more than I loved the movie.Delightful Read Deux Pour Une by Erich Kästner: PDF, rtf. Charming. Smart, very smart. I enjoyed the writing style/translation. I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the 2 girls. all the characters are considerably diverse from these within the father or mother seize movie. the ladies are just 9 within the book, yet they’re very mature. It’s obtained a extra quaint tone than the motion picture and is a little more sober in tone, yet it’s additionally very humorous in lots of places. The wait was once worthy it; it didn’t disappoint within the slightest.

Ini novel pertama yang saya baca Read Deux Pour Une by Erich Kästner: PDF, rtf.Kisahnya menarik. Ide cerita yang hebat. Ketika mereka bertukar tempat dan harus beradaptasi dengan ayah dan ibu mereka yang belum pernah ditemui sebelumnya. Kisah keluarga yang terpisah tapi akhirnya bisa bersatu kembali berkat ide cemerlang mereka untuk bertukar tempat.Kalau kalian pernah menonton The guardian catch (1998) Read Deux Pour Une by Erich Kästner: PDF, rtf. Read Deux Pour Une by Erich Kästner: PDF, rtf. nah ide ceritanya diambil dari buku ini. Novel ini dibuat duluan yaitu pada 1949, terjemahan bahasa Indonesianya pun baru ada pada 1986.Menarik, membaca novel yang terbit pada masa itu, novel-novel yang klasik Read Deux Pour Une by Erich Kästner: PDF, rtf.Membaca novel ini, Lotte Rangkap Dua, membahagiakan, mengingatkan akan masa kecil. :')

This is probably the first actual bankruptcy e-book (in its unique German version), I learn by myself - and fell absolutely in love with. most likely this is often the booklet that grew to become me right into a reader. So i'm biased in terms of this story, i need to admit. studying it takes me again 40 years - as though not anything has replaced - makes me love this tale and treasure each note of all of it over again. The translator Anthea Bell has performed an excellent task in translating the e-book into English, retaining the

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