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Read online: Filsafat Proses by Alfred North Whitehead: PDF, mobi

Alfred North Whitehead

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Alfred North Whitehead merumuskan pemikiran‑pemikiran filosofisnya dengan Tatar belakang sebagai seorang matematikawan besar abad XX. Pemikirannya kemudian masyhur dengan nama "Filsafat Proses".Dengan Filsafat Proses, Whitehead berpandangan bahwa benda-benda, tetumbuhan, hewan, manusia, dan semuanya yang dikenal sebagai kenyataan, selalu berkembang dinamis, terus berada dalam proses "menjadi". Filsafat ini tidak membayangkan kenyataan sebagai mesin yang statis, yang sedari awal hingga akhir cuma begitu-begitu saja.Kenyataan dipandang sebagai organisme yang hidup, yang bertumbuh dan berkembang, acap kali di luar dugaan. Gagasan tentang Filsafat Proses dicetuskan Whitehead di permulaan abad XX saat pandangan materialisme ilmiah begitu percaya diri bahwa kenyataan selalu ajeg, bahkan bisa "dijinakkan" dalam kerangkeng saintifik Read online: Filsafat Proses by Alfred North Whitehead: PDF, mobi.Pandangan seperti inilah yang menimbulkan krisis pandangan-dunia sleek karena dia merusak bahkan memutus hubungan harmonis antara manusia, masyarakat, alam, Tuhan dan segenap kenyataan.Kehadiran buku ini dalam edisi Bahasa Indonesia dimaksudkan sebagai penambah perspektif dalam melihat khazanah pemikiran filosofis yang khas.

your mother is an everlasting object.

Antiquated and accepted simultaneously.

Great book, very dry fabric and expects foreknowledge of such a lot prior philosophers Read online: Filsafat Proses by Alfred North Whitehead: PDF, mobi.

My undergraduate measure in philosophy concerned with Whitehead. This used to be sooner than my very own conversion. whereas I now am particularly severe of Whitehead, I recognize him as an import glossy thinker Read online: Filsafat Proses by Alfred North Whitehead: PDF, mobi.

Excessive jargon made it unreadable in places, that is a shame, simply because these elements which are written in actual fact are very interesting, even appealing at times.

Although I declare to have learn this, i have not learn each final word, and its a ebook hat calls for rereading. it is a lifelong project. wonderful book, thoroughly replaced my knowing of the area and what we're doing here. additionally tremendous important in my expert life, types the root for a brand new form of layout practice. All that said, the ebook is among the such a lot tough issues i've got ever read, bar none.

I've been informed repeatedly that I should still examine Whitehead, yet i've got consistently been do away with by means of his writing, that's decidedly no longer "analytic" even supposing he's a tremendous determine in analytic philosophy (the co-author of Principia for Christ's sake!) It seems that I had much in universal with Whitehead with out realizing it: real discrete events, potentials and forces are, for me, the basics of a really "physicalist" view of reality, the underlying foundation of a longer international of topic and movement defined by means of physics, and it sounds as if whatever comparable is right for him Read online: Filsafat Proses by Alfred North Whitehead: PDF, mobi. The downright weirdness of this booklet can't be denied yet there also are favourite reference issues in Aristotle, Plato, Locke and Leibniz (esp. L's view that reality is discrete, perspectival and atomistic and the continuum has just a capability existence, for which see the wonderful Yale Leibniz quantity The Labyrinth of the Continuum). i cannot particularly see what position the Platonic varieties play in all this, other than as styles discovered within the phenomena of strength and relational interaction of forces, but, just like the continuum, they appear banished away to the area of potentialities. the fabric on extension is the main worthy stuff for me, the place he seeks to get actual metaphysical and clinical mileage out of his rules of strength and power. the information a few kind of fabric Spinozist "God" are the least fascinating and important and will were skipped over in my opinion. simply seeing the "G word" makes me are looking to cringe Read online: Filsafat Proses by Alfred North Whitehead: PDF, mobi. additionally the vocabulary of feelings, subjectivity, community, organism, and all of that dreck places a psychological-sociological spin on what's particularly a worldly physicalist concept of events. Whitehead's try and body a "theory of everything" or being is, inevitably, so basic as to be a "theory of nothing".In short, Whitehead words issues in his personal bizarre way, and pens many, many nutty sentences, however the underlying coherence is there. this isn't a note salad, yet an try to convey in a strange manner a few very deep ideas, that can be reformulated and deployed in modern philosophy of science.

July 28, 2012 Introduction The scope and value of technique and truth is almost incomprehensible in and of itself. the duty of outlining metaphysical ideas of method and fact is toward the incomprehensible than the scope and magnitude, by means of the truth that Whitehead’s genius is exemplified through the laborious readability and straightforwardness of the system. it kind of feels as if every little thing is completely put in an effort to reemphasize earlier propositional info to be remembered and mirrored upon for attention of a gift endeavor. Nevertheless, the awesomeness of the duty confronts one as either worthy and impossible. the next essay is intended as an advent to the speculation of concrescence, in particular concentrating on the levels of concrescence, leaving out all yet a number of reviews on these components which are pointless for the metaphysical scheme: for instance, the societies of tangible occasions. i'm going to in basic terms use quotations or references so as to element the reader to priceless expositions in Whitehead’s book Read online: Filsafat Proses by Alfred North Whitehead: PDF, mobi. Otherwise, it really is to be assumed that my sole resource is method an

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