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Download online: Theogony/Works and Days (World's Classics): PDF, txt


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Hesiod, one of many oldest identified Greek poets, often is the first character in eu literature. The Theogony includes a systematic family tree of the gods from the start of the realm and an account in their violent struggles prior to the current order used to be established. The Works and Days, a compendium of ethical and functional suggestion for a lifetime of sincere husbandry, throws a special and interesting gentle on archaic Greek society, ethics, and superstition. Hesiod's poetry is the oldest resource for the myths of Prometheus, Pandora, and the Golden Age.Unlike Homer, Hesiod tells us approximately himself and his relations (he lived in primary Greece within the past due 8th century BC). This new translation via a number one specialist combines accuracy with readability.

as most likely at the very least 1 / 4 of my "reviews" on goodreads have noted, i'm strongly opposed to celebrity ratings. i'm particularly strongly opposed to it the following as the theogony and works and days are one of the works i find, like, unrateable. i am continually pondering 'what's the point,' yet consequently especially, it truly is like, really, what is the point? a ranking is not directly a casting of your opinion of no matter if this paintings merits to be valued and remembered and browse through others, and when you are conversing a few several-thousand-year-old poetry, one's reviews on such concerns turns into rather, er, along with the point. one's critiques total on such poetry is more or less beside the point. consider like any i will legitimately remark upon is the translation, which i liked, yet i've got not anything to check it to, do i? i particularly cherished his willingness to change among prose and low poetry, i think like so much translators might have felt like they might need to decide to one or the other. i additionally loved the theogony far more than i loved works and days, even though i am not quite convinced why—probably as the theogony is extra regular and comfortable, the standard great myth/creationesque tales, whereas works and days is way extra 'exotic' yet no longer in an 'exciting' way, extra in a 'i do not care approximately vegetation way'—much extra faraway from one of these stuff we read/think/learn approximately now (also, extra reported misogyny).

در گام اول باید از ویرایش و ترجمه شکایت کنم. ترجمه گاهی روان نیست و گاهی هم شدیدا حس می کردم که می لنگد. جاهایی هم ظاهرا خطاهای چاپی وجود داشت Download online: Theogony/Works and Days (World's Classics): PDF, txt. خلاصه آنکه برای خریدن پیشنهاد نمی شود - به عبارات درست تر در شأن یک متن کلاسیک نیست Download online: Theogony/Works and Days (World's Classics): PDF, txt. مقالات ابتدایی و انتهایی هم به نظرم از ترجمه لطمه خوردند و گاه و بیگاه ابهام آزاردهنده دارند. اما علی رغم همه ی اینها ترجمه فاجعه نیست و واقعا می شه رساله ها رو خونددر درجه ی اول "کارها و روزها" رو دوست داشتم، بعد "نبرد غوکها و موشها" و در آخر "تبارنامه ی خدایان" رو. تبارنامه از این جهت که پر از اسمه و محتوا و داستان کمی داره، آزار دهنده است. مقالات هم اگر بخش های گنگ رو کنار بذاری ایده های جالبی به آدم می دنحاشیه: توضیحات مربوط به کارها و روزها ناگهان در وسط تمام می شود! با اینکه در متن کتاب به توضیحات ارجاع داده شده وقتی به بخش توضیحات می روی از جایی به بعد چیزی نیست. به خودم گفتم شاید نسخه ی من برخی صفحات را جابجا دارد یا کم دارد یا اموری از این دست اما دیدم صفحات مرتب است. متوجه شدم در توضیحات هم ارجاعات به متن اشتباه چاپ شده - مثلا نوشته توضیح فلان جای متن در صفحه ی بهمان اما در واقع چند صفحه عقب تر است. سرجمع یعنی برخی صفحات در چاپ جاافتاده با اینکه ترتیب صفحات درست است

This ebook used to be tremendous tricky to learn or even tougher to understand. It used to be packed with means too many names and the tales scattered via it are misplaced between them Download online: Theogony/Works and Days (World's Classics): PDF, txt. Granted, I realized a couple of fascinating facts, it used to be a difficult read.

This poetic paintings of Hesiod offers a few attention-grabbing analyzing approximately one other cultures construction myths, and "practical" advice.In the Theogony , we obtain from Hesiod a story of construction just like that of the Bible's Genesis. There are a few attention-grabbing parallels and yet, a few both attention-grabbing alterations within the myths. There seems an severe overshadowing of the significance of sexual content material i,e., while the Heavens genitals are "ripped" off of him and thrown away. both vital is the genealogical "trace" of gods and goddesses that's just like the "begetting" culture of the Bible.Also of significant be aware within the Theogony , is the etymological "tracing" of the names of some of the god and goddesses. If checked out closely, there are specific qualities of those god and goddesses that correspond not just with the time period for a selected emotion, feeling, or act, but in addition correspond with the basis that means of the observe for these acts Download online: Theogony/Works and Days (World's Classics): PDF, txt. this can be certainly noteworthy for destiny encounters with the activities of sure gods and goddesses in additional Greek epics Download online: Theogony/Works and Days (World's Classics): PDF, txt.The moment a part of this assortment is Hesiod's paintings and Days . during this number of advice, we can also make an equivalency to related tales from the Bible's Proverbs, and "rules" present in the outdated Testament.There is imbedded during this work, way's of bringing in regards to the "best" or "good" or "fine" methods of residing for mortals (sound familiar?). apparently additionally, you will discover a tale of ways Pandora was once the 1st woman, and was once fairly a trick of the good God Zeus to unharness distress on mankind (oh yes, these misogynist old Greeks). The fascinating element of the Pandora delusion is using the "jar" in place of traditional realizing of a field of Pandora's. both attention-grabbing used to be the that "hope" used to be trapped during this jar of Pandora and never allowed to escape.All in all, this work, even though very dry and time consuming, looks an incredible a part of realizing either Greek Mytholo

.undefined Download online: Theogony/Works and Days (World's Classics): PDF, txt Download Global Marketing Management PDF Read Sherlock Holmes : Tragedi kapal Gloria Scott (The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes #4) mobi
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