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Download Unas Pintadas de Azul/Blue Fingernails: rtf, PDF

Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

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Fiction. Latino/Latina Studies. Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Studies. Bilingual Spanish-English Editon. those brief tales signify a Latin/o American poetic journey, a sensory pilgrimage in the course of the pains and pleasures of diasporic, cosmopolitan homosexual and lesbian Puerto Rican identities in a postmodern, ever-shifting world. The stories contact on city studies through the Americas, now and then incorporating parts of technology fiction, vampires, detectives, and fantasy, yet normally targeting the problems of mad, passionate love and its inevitable demise. Oscillating among humor and sadness, the tales are intended for readers who're no longer terrified of debatable principles or taboo subject matters like sadomasochism, transvestism, prostitution, and pornography. Experimental and metaliterary,this is a vital contribution to queer Latino/a and Puerto Rican letters.

Technically, this e-book is a single-author selection of brief tales in parallel Spanish and English on dealing with pages. The influence of the entire paintings is that of a wild, colorful, hallucinogenic novel within the culture of James Joyce (the Irish author given credits for pioneering the stream-of-consciousness novel within the early 20th century) and different experimental writers who describe existence from outdoors the cultural mainstream.In the hole story, or cuento, "my name, multitudinous mass," the writer means that he has many identities drawn from numerous cultures and artistic influences Download Unas Pintadas de Azul/Blue Fingernails: rtf, PDF. The speaker claims:"Sometimes, whilst I stroll down the street, I turn into different people: William Burroughs, Truman Capote, Rene Marques. Like asserting hustler, flaneur, drug addict, artist, writer, genius, pornographer, gay (I nearly forgot!) and different issues that it should take years to enumerate."The narrator's persona, the "I" of the story, turns out gender-fluid and devoted to the goddess of the ocean (which hyperlinks all of the countries of earth) within the African-based faith which itself takes diverse types in several regions, referred to as "ju-ju" instead of origin, "santeria" within the author's local Puerto Rico and "voodoo" in New Orleans and Haiti Download Unas Pintadas de Azul/Blue Fingernails: rtf, PDF.In the name story, "blue fingernails," a film-maker named Jerry has his fingernails painted blue by means of his good friend Silvina, who basically does not belief him to do that himself after he has painted his black, and performed it badly. Silvina takes nice care to make his fingernails glance appealing as a gesture of friendship:"Silvina's have been crimson and she or he desired to paint his in order that they could match: boy and girl, like the new Pampers disposable diapers or the other random mix that might say: you and I. just like the eco-friendly and yellow of the Brazilian flag Download Unas Pintadas de Azul/Blue Fingernails: rtf, PDF. Or the black and white of an outdated television set, left alongside the facet of a highway to Istanbul, that noble urban that my grandmother, in her impeccably conservative way, insisted on calling Byzantium."Jerry and Silvina benefit from the clean eco-friendly of the foliage in a park in a destiny manhattan urban that is ruled via center japanese culture. either one of them have an impossible to resist urge to ceremonial dinner on "all different types of Arabic food." The names "Jerry" and "I" are used interchangeably, and Silvina means that her personal id is both flexible. The narrator is thinking about food, objects, and flicks as fun-house mirrors of the genuine world. within the tale "rites of devotion to the cult," a lady known as Demonio Maria de Cienfuegos (Demon Mary Hundredfires), also known as Angel and Angela is selected to megastar in "the musical pornographic movie Rites of Devotion to the Cult, to be directed through Chi Chi Larue Download Unas Pintadas de Azul/Blue Fingernails: rtf, PDF." She asks for fee for the sexual companies she's going to practice on film.References to chocolate run in the course of the narrative, within which long island comprises the entire cultures of the world, and during which chocolate in numerous varieties represents either excitement and disgust. within the tale "shit" (with the beautiful identify "la mierda" in Spanish), a guy is humiliated through wasting regulate of his bowels in public. "Shame compounded his despair, the impossibility of no longer doing anything Download Unas Pintadas de Azul/Blue Fingernails: rtf, PDF. . . His disgust provoked tears, yet expensive readers, do not feel pity beforehand. Disgust shall quickly be yours too, disgust for the sake of art, and the excitement of a tiny chocolate of the top quality, Godiva no much less -- simply in case, similar to within the fairy stories you could have certainly heard."The hope of a gender-fluid "man" for male strangers, specifically those that demonstrate thick cocks, additionally runs during the narrative, and it is going with the landscape of fixing scenes and passing strangers who continuously look unusually familiar. Readers who're searching for a standard plot can be disenchanted via this book, yet readers who get pleasure from poetic imagery and language-play (including the double negatives that upload emphasis in Spanish, and the musical sound of vulgar or insulting Spanish words) may be entertained. This booklet isn't really effortless to learn even in a single language only, yet its leaps of good judgment and unfastened community of characters are worthy considering Download Unas Pintadas de Azul/Blue Fingernails: rtf, PDF. examining this ebook is like being excessive on a mind-altering substance, yet with no the unfavourable after-effects. ----------------------

I am the writer of this ebook of brief stories. Bilingual edition: English/Spanish. LGBT content.

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