101 Attacking Ideas in Chess: Aggressive Concepts from a by Joe Gallagher

By Joe Gallagher

Essential booklet with a clearty from recognized Gambit guides

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Rapid Chess Improvement: A Study Plan for Adult Players

Four hundred issues in four hundred days. tremendous quick chess development for the grownup classification participant: A five-month application. I did it and you'll too.

Dissatisfied with my preliminary effects, i started to go looking for tactics to accomplish quick chess development. I checked out dozens of books and countless numbers of booklet stories. regrettably, the majority of those have been both geared toward a way more a professional reader or involved in particular parts, equivalent to openings, which i discovered arcane and uninteresting.

Discussions with chess coaches have been simply as unhelpful. Many coaches felt that enhancing greater than a hundred score issues in a single yr used to be all yet very unlikely for grownup avid gamers. Others refused to supply me with appropriate references. One chess trainer who I labored with had me spend a dozen hours at the KBN v okay finishing within the first month of training, and had advised that I annotate a number of hundred grandmaster video games in my favourite openings whilst i made a decision to forestall following his guideline. because of those reports, i made a decision to create my very own examine plan for attaining fast chess development. to this point this examine plan has labored: I more advantageous four hundred ranking issues in my first yr of OTB play and my play maintains to enhance. .. .

How to Play Against 1 e4

It’s demanding discovering a great commencing to play opposed to 1 e4, specifically in case you don’t have unending time to be had to review the most recent theoretical advancements. for those who decide on stylish openings, it’s usually a need to maintain velocity with smooth concept to be able to prevail with Black. This ebook presents an answer.

Prepare to Attack

Organize to assault “Give me six hours to cut down a tree and that i will spend the 1st 4 sprucing the awl. ”- Abraham LincolnThere’s no escaping the actual fact: on the way to win chess video games, you should assault sooner or later. Many avid gamers are chuffed fixing combos in successful positions, whilst the exertions is already performed, however the key to a winning assault absolutely comes a lot past.

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1 8 l1f3 is premature, allowing Black to break out with 1 8 ... txd4 e5 ! d5, 20 e5 keeps the centre blocked, while after 1 9 ... g6 2 1 l1f3 l1c8 22 l1h3 h5 is just met by 23 lbg3 and a crushing sacrifice on h5) 21 tt'ld4! fxg5 (after 2 1 . lL'lc6 22 gxf6 both 22 ... lL'lxf6 23 e5 and 22 ... 1i'xf6 23 1i'xf6 lL'lxf6 24 e5 are good for White according to 3 1a: after Black's 1 2th move w . lbc6 3 1 c: after 20.. h6 B 3 1 f: after 38 'Wg6 JOJ A ITA CKING IDEAS IN CHESS Anand; note how he is not attacking at all costs but will quite happily take the favour­ able endgame if it arises) 22 fxg5 lLlc6 23 l:tdf2!

TfS is an im­ portant point) 18 ... te5 (now Black has his blockade) 19 '1i'd2 ltf3! txh6 'ii'f6 ! '1i'h4 21 lbce2 ltaf8 with a dominating position for Black. This time he's not even a pawn down (0- 1 , 56). 44b: after 21 lbb1 ! 44c: after 1 6 g4 1 01 A TJACKJNG IDEAS IN CHESS Idea 45 - The Keres Attack Any attacking player worth his salt must in­ clude the Keres Attack (6 g4 against the Scheveningen) in his repertoire. Indeed, many Scheveningen players fear it so much that they have switched to a Najdorf move­ order.

C3! 1h4+ with 5 �fl . d5 (6 ... 1b3 !? 'ii'xd6! e3?! 1e6 10 'ii'd3 c6 1 1 'ii'xe3 gave White good play in a re­ cent Fedorov game. 1h4+ (few players can resist the check when the king is forced to e2) 5 'it>e2 d5 (5 ... c6 is less ambitious - I once had a game which went 6 d4 d5 7 'ii'd2 ! c6 10 c3 0-0-0? (the critical line is 1 0 ... g5, when Gallagher-Klovans, Oberwart 1 993 continued 1 1 �d 1 0-0-0 12 �c2 :the8 !? 1d3 ! xh4 :txe4 ! xd4+ !? :ted8 with 17 :ta3, looks good) 1 1 'iVxf4 'iVe6 12 �e3!

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