501 Latin Verbs by Richard E. Prior

By Richard E. Prior

The main customary 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk structure, one verb in keeping with web page with English translation. each one verb is totally conjugated and awarded in all kinds. The book's extra positive factors comprise instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar assessment.

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Petronius I amiciii amicio, amiclre, amicui or amixi, amictum clothe, conceal ACTIVE PASSIVE INDICATIVE Pres. amici6 amicis amicit amicimus amicitis amiciunt amicior amiciris (-re) amicitur amicimur amicimini amiciuntur lmpf amiciebam amiciebas amiciebat amiciebamus amiciebatis amiciebant amiciebar amiciebaris (-re) amiciebatur amiciebamur amiciebamini amiciebantur Fut. amiciam amicies amiciet amiciemus amicietis amicient amiciar amicieris (-re) amicietur amiciemur amiciemini amicientur Perf. amicui amicuisti amicuit amicuimus amicuistis amicuerunt (-ere) amictus sum (-a, -um) es est amicti sumus (-ae, -a) es tis sunt Plup.

Adeptiirus (-a, -um) adipiscendus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) GERUND adipiscendi, -5, -um, -5 SUPINE adeptum, -ii Compounds and related words: adeptio, onis, f. attainment Model sentence: Litteras ad exercitus tamquam adepto principatu misit. 16 adolesco adolesco, adolescere, adolevl, adultum grow up ACTIVE INDICATIVE Pres. adolesco adolescimus adolescis adolescitis adolescit adolescunt Impf adolescebam adolescebamus adolescebas adolescebatis adolescebant adolescebat Fut. adolescam adolescemus adolesces adolescetis adolescet adolescent Perf.

Annueram annueras annuerat annuer6 annueris annuerit annueramus annueratis annuerant annuerimus annueritis annuerint Fut. Perf. SUBJUNCTIVE Pres. annuam annuas annual annuamus annuatis annuant lmpf annuerem annueres annueret annueremus annueretis annuerent Perf. annuerim annueris annuerit annuerimus annueritis annuerint Plup. annuissem annuisses annuisset annuissemus annuissetis annuissent IMPERATIVE Pres. annue annuite INFINITIVE Pres. Perf. Fut. annuere annuisse anniitiirus (-a, -um) esse PARTICIPLE Pres.

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