600 Butterflies and Moths in Full Color by W. F. Kirby

By W. F. Kirby

The beautiful colors and shapes of butterflies — and their excellent spectrum of tricky markings — are rendered with terrific precision on sixty one full-color plates. Imaginations will take flight with butterflies and moths of each relatives, in addition to info of pupa, eyes, antennae, and the winged bugs' favourite flowers.

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Notodanta ziczac A. Willow Salix praecox B. Birch Betula alba C. Apple Pyrus malus Plate 30 CYMATOPHORIDAE—ACRONYCTIDAE Fig. 1, a, b. Thyatira batis Fig. 2, a, b. Cymatophora or Fig. 3, a, b. Asphalia flavicornis Fig. 4, a, b. Asphalia ridens Fig. 5. Acronycta leporina Fig. 6, a, b. Acronycta alni Fig. 7, a, b. Acronycta psi Fig. 8. Acronycta aceris Fig. 9, a, b. Acronycta auricoma A. Bramble Rubus polymorphus B. Aspen Populus tremula C. Birch Betula alba D. 1. Diphthera ludifica Fig. 2,a, b. Moma orion Fig.

Brephos parthenias A. Oak Quercus pedunculata B. Osier Salix viminalis C. Sloe; Blackthorn Prunus spinosa Plate 40 NOCTUOPHALAENIDAE—DELTOIDAE—CHLOEPHORIDAE Fig. 1. Erastria deceptoria Fig. 2. Erastria fasciana Fig. 3, a, b. Emmelia trabealis Fig. 4. Trothisa respersa Fig. 5. Trothisa rosea Fig. 6. Trothisa purpurina Fig. 7. Herminia tentacularia Fig. 8. Herminia derivalis Fig. 9, a–d. Halias prasinana Fig. 10, a–d. Chloephora bicolorana A. Beech Fagus sylvatica B. Small Bindweed Convolvulus arvensis C.

Rhizogramma detersa Fig. 10. Ercopus purpureofasciatus Fig. 11. Xylinia ornithopus Fig. 12, a, b. Calocampa exoleta Fig. 13. Xylomyges conspicillaris A. Sloe; Blackthorn Prunus spinosa B. Vetch Pisum arvense C. Grass D. Sweet Violet Viola odorata Plate 37 ORTHOSIDAE—CLEOPHANIDAE—CUCULLIDAE—HELIOTHIDAE—ANARTIDAE—ACONTIDAE Fig. 1. Scoliopteryx libatrix Fig. 2. Calophasia lunula Fig. 3, a–c. Cucullia verbasci Fig. 4. Cucullia umbratica Fig. 5, a, b. Cucullia lactucae Fig. 6, a–c. Cucullia argentea Fig.

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