A Computerized Lexicon of Tamazight: Berber Dialect of Ayt by Ernest T. Abdel-Massih

By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih

It is a dictionary in 4 components: (1) alphabetical directory of Tamazight-English; (2) alphabetical directory of English-Tamazight; (3) alphabetically prepared cultural different types; (4) linguistic lexicon containing listings in response to notice foundation and grammatical different types. Over 10,000 entries.

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4) after this e. We shall call these stems Q-stems, and write their final ‘tight lid’ as Q when giving their stems in the vocabularies. When a ‘tight-lid’ suffix is added, the sequence eQ is read as ee. Consonant compression and decompression occur exactly as in the X-stems. Compare the forms (once again, compressed consonants are in italics): English shore sN sG Stem wrist custom need ranta ranne tapa ranna | n rantee | n tava | n ranta ranteQ tapa war rain tarve sota sade tarpee | n soda | n satee | n tarpeQ sota sateQ Here are a few more very common Q-stems: huoneQ kirjeQ aineQ esineQ koneQ kappaleQ virheQ osoitteQ alueQ raiteQ room letter substance; essay object machine unit mistake address (and so, perfectly regularly, citation form osoite, genitive osoittee | n) region (and so: raide, raitee | n) railroad track 34 Unit 2: Ei, kiitos!

To say things like ‘I’ll pay the bill’ or ‘I’ll drink some coffee’ in Finnish, you have to know how to form the direct object (see the Glossary of grammatical terms at the back of this book if you’re feeling shaky about what that might be). In the first example, you put the word for ‘bill’, lasku, into the genitive: lasku | n. 35 Unit 2: No thanks! But the genitive will not do for the second example. This is because ‘some coffee’ refers to a vague amount of coffee, not a known, specific, finite, definite portion; and it is definite direct objects that the genitive marks.

Don’t forget to harmonize your vowels and to compress your consonants, as appropriate! Unit 1: Making contact Reading Try to understand as much of these short snippets of Finnish as you can without peeking at the glossary at the back of the book. The only new words are ja ‘and’ and mutta ‘but’. 1 Pekka on suomalainen. Se on insinööri. Pekan ystävä, Jeanne, on pianisti. Jeanne on Belgiasta kotoisin. 2 Hyvää päivää! Mä olen Jorge Rodriguez. Hyvää päivää! Satu Pennanen. Hauska tutustua. Hauska tutustua.

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