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Ay(y)īš 17. ay(y)īša (see aya/i/u) (interj) What! —SB (interj) Well now! —OB, Mari (see gana) (interj) (aḫūlamma) Alas! —NA (interj) (it is) Enough! (an exclamation used to express or to seek compassion, as declaration of clemency by god, as petition for clemency by a worshiper)—OB on (neg. ) = strong pos.  . ē must not . .  . ē please . .  . ē heaven forbid . .  . ; (see yau-yau)—OAkk on (interr) (yaka) Where? —Am (interr) Where? —Bogh lex (interr) (ay(y)ānumma, ay(y)inna, yānum, yānumma, yānu, yaʾnu) Where?

I-e Verb (I-ʾ3–4 and I-y): G-stem (i) inniq tenniq tenniqī enniq Perfect Preterite enēqum īteniq īniq tēteniq tēniq tētenqī tēniqī ēteniq ēniq līniq eniq enqī lûniq inniqū inniqā tenniqā ninniq ītenqū ītenqā tētenqā nīteniq īniqū īniqā tēniqā nīniq līniqū līniqā enqā i nīniq Infinitive enēqum Participle ēniqum Verbal enqum Adjective Vetitive ayy-īniq lexical 3cs 2ms 2fs 1cs 3mp 3fp 2cp 1cp Stative Durative 3ms 3fs 2ms 2fs 1cs eniq enqet enqēta enqēti enqēku 3mp 3fp 2mp 2fp 1cp Injunctive enqū enqā enqētunu enqētina enqēnu 53 Part Two: Paradigms B4.

Nom. masc. dannum dann-ūt dannūtū-ya dannūtū-ka dannūtū-ki dannūtū-šu dannūtū-ša -ātum nom. fem.  Adjectives base: masc. sg. nom. gen. acc. ṭābṭābum ṭābim ṭābam danndannum dannim dannam masc. plur. nom. -a. ṭābūtum ṭābūtim dannūtum ellūtum dannūtim ellūtim damqūtum rabûtum damqūtim rabûtim fem. sg. nom. gen. acc. ṭābtum ṭābtim ṭābtam dannatum elletum dannatim elletim dannatam elletam damiqtum rabītum damiqtim rabītim damiqtam rabītam fem. plur. nom. -a. ṭābātum ṭābātim dannātum ellētum dannātim ellētim damqātum rabiātum damqātim rabiātim ellellum ellim ellam damiqdamqum damqim damqam rabirabûm rabîm rabiam 34 Part Two: Paradigms I.

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