A Diff. Kind of War - US Army in Op. Enduring Freedom by D. Wright, et. al.,

By D. Wright, et. al.,

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Two factions were of particular importance in this period. 34 Other factions would break way from Hekmatyar’s party to form half a dozen splinter parties operating out of Pakistan; but, until the rise of the Taliban, the Hezb-i-Islami remained one of the most prominent. The second was the Jamiat-e Islami, a faction comprised primarily of Afghans from the northern minority groups, especially Tajiks and Uzbeks. Prominent within the ranks of this more northern-based faction, besides its Tajik leader, Burnahuddin Rabbani, were General Ahmed Shah Massoud, a former police chief of Herat, and Ismail Khan, also of Herat.

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