A Glossary of Provincial Words and Phrases in use in by Wadham Pigott Williams

By Wadham Pigott Williams

"It is now approximately six years in the past that the Committee of the Somersetshire Arch?ological Society requested me to assemble a word list of the Dialect or archaic language of the County, and placed into my palms a priceless number of phrases via the past due Mr. Edward Norris, health care professional, of South Petherton. i've got accomplished this activity to the simplest of my skill, with the type co-operation of our overdue first-class Secretary, WM. ARTHUR JONES; and the result's ahead of the general public. We freely made use of Norris, Jennings, Halliwell, or the other collector of phrases that lets locate, omitting mere peculiarities of pronunciation, and that i enterprise to wish it is going to turn out that we've got no longer neglected a lot that's left of that fascinating previous language, which these nice innovators, the Printing Press, the Railroad, and the Schoolmaster, are quick using overseas. "

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P. the refuse wool after combing (Fr. peigner ) Pink-twink s. chaffinch Pinswheal, Pinswil, Pensil s. a boil with a black head Pirl, Pirdle v. to spin as a top Pix, Pex, or Pixy v. to pick up fruit, as apples or walnuts, after the main crop is taken in Pixy s. a fairy Pixy-stool s. toad-stool Planch s. Planchant adj. a wood floor (Fr. planche ) Plazen s. pl. n. to swell, to increase in bulk, as soaked peas or rice Plough s. a team of horses; also a waggon and horses, or a waggon and oxen Plough-path s.

A pillow Pen, Penning, Pine, Cow-pine s. an enclosed place in which cattle are fed Pen s. a spigot Pick, Peckis s. pick-axe Pick, Peek s. hay-fork Pigs s. pixies, fairies, as in the common saying, “Please God and the pigs” Pig's-hales s. hawes Pig's-looze s. pig's-sty Pilch, Pilcher s. a baby's woollen clout Pill s. a pool in a river Pill-coal s. peat from a great depth Pillow-tie, Pillow-beer s. pillow-case Pilm, Pillum s. dust Pin, Pin-bone s. the hip Pind, Pindy adj. fusty, as corn or flour Pin'd adj.

To sit down without any employment Squatch s. a chink or narrow clift Squelstring adj. sultry Squinny v. ” (Shak. King Lear) Squittee v. to squirt Squoace, or Squss v. to truck or exchange Staddle s. foundation of a rick of hay or corn, a mark left by a haycock, or anything allowed to remain too long in one place Stag s. a castrated bull Stagnated adj. astonished Stang s. a long pole Stap v. for to stop Stare-basin, Glow-basin s. glow-worm Stean v. to stone a road. Steaned part. s. a large stone pitcher (Dutch steen) “Upon an huge great earthpot stean he stood” (Spenser, Faery Queene) Steanin s.

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