A Hermit in the Himalayas: The Journal of a Lonely Exile by Dr Paul Brunton

By Dr Paul Brunton

A mix of go back and forth narrative & profound non secular event. no dw, undated 1st ed c1939

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Every detail, from the former death to the former birth, could be traced out by continui ng this queer psychological process. The mo nk admitted that the concentration involved was fear­ fully difficult and that few Buddhists were ever able to go far with the method. He had himself practised the meditations for twenty years and could testify to their effectiveness. But the most prolonged efforts were needed to wrest these memories from reluctant Nature. I have neither the desire nor the competency to dogmatize in the matter, but in the light of this explanation one must smile satirically at the crop of Queens and Cleopatras which has swiftly followed the trail of this doctrine of re-embodiment, since the latter has appeared in the West.

For the temple of Gangotri itselfis right in the perpetual snow-line. It is easy enough for a European, who is fairly inured to the cold winters of his own continent, to endure Himalayan cold, but it is a matter of painful acclimatlzation and some suffering for these thinly-clad Hindus to penetrate into such a re gion.

There is another risk for me should I venture to make political prophecies in this country, which seethes with Oriental intrigue and suspicion. I am reminded of a little-known incident of the last war as I think of this danger. That much-admired, much-maligned and much-misunderstood man, the late Colonel T. E. Lawrence, reached a critical period of his campaign in Arabia, encountering stubborn obstacles that were not to be overcome easily. But by a flash of his famous genius he hit on the novel idea of sending a request to London for professional stage magicians to be sent out to travel among the tribes on the borders of the Red Sea and Mediterran ean.

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