A Journey through the Universe: Gresham Lectures on by Ian Morison

By Ian Morison

Delivering an in-depth realizing either for common readers and astronomy lovers, this hugely finished e-book offers an up to date survey of our wisdom of the Universe past Earth. The booklet explores our sun approach, its planets and different our bodies; examines the sunlight and the way it and different stars evolve via their lifetimes; discusses the quest for planets past our sun method and the way we'd discover existence on them; and highlights fascinating items discovered inside of our galaxy, the Milky means. It additionally seems at our present knowing of the beginning and evolution of the Universe, in addition to many different interesting issues, resembling time, black holes and Einstein's theories, darkish topic, darkish power and the Cosmic Microwave history. The e-book is uniquely supported by way of video lectures given by means of the writer, on hand on-line. it's also the very most up-to-date astronomical observations, similar to these made via the Planck and Kepler spacecraft.

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5% that of our planet but, though once thought to have had an atmosphere much more like ours, evolution has taken it down a very different path! 4) was formed when an object, thought to have had a mass of about 10% that of the Earth, impacted with the Earth soon after the formation of the Solar System. A portion of the combined mass was thrown off into space and formed the Moon, initially far closer to the Earth than now. As the Moon’s relative mass and size is comparable to that of the Earth, the two are sometimes thought of as a ‘double planet’.

The problem was that only about one-third of the expected number of neutrinos were detected. Remembering that these neutrinos come from relatively rare nuclear reactions in the ppIII chain, it could have been due to our lack of understanding of these reactions, but modern experiments have confirmed Davis’s results and he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this work in 2002. The lack of observed neutrinos was called the solar neutrino problem. At the bottom of a very deep mine at Sudbury, in Canada, there is a 12-metre sphere that holds 1,000 tonnes of heavy water.

As the Moon’s relative mass and size is comparable to that of the Earth, the two are sometimes thought of as a ‘double planet’. The name ‘Earth’ derives from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘erda’ meaning ground or soil. This became ‘eorthe’ in Old English and ‘erthe’ in Middle English. Finally, from around 1400, the name ‘Earth’ was used – the only planetary name not derived from Greek and Roman mythology. Out-gassing from volcanoes produced Earth’s secondary atmosphere and water vapour condensed to form the oceans, with additional water provided by the impact of comets.

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