A Life Transparent by Todd Keisling

By Todd Keisling

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There was nothing physically wrong with it. The lawn didn’t need a trim, and the siding was surprisingly clean (as were the gutters—he’d seen to that two weeks ago). Still, there was something about it which he’d never noticed before. It wasn’t until he turned off the engine and got out of the car that he spotted it. The arch over the door, combined with the two bedroom windows above it, gave the house the appearance of a frown. No wonder it looked sad. He smiled to himself as he approached the door.

His hand, arm, shoulder flickered like a dying light bulb. He dropped the shampoo bottle and held out his other arm. Both faded in unison. “No,” he heard himself say. The acoustics of the shower stall amplified his voice, propelling his whisper into a gentle roar. He ran his hands over himself, down his torso, his hips, manhood and buttocks. All of him seemed to fade in and out like static, his skin first growing transparent, then vanishing for an instant before reappearing as solid matter. 32 Donovan forgot about the shampoo and his hair.

Precious Paws yowled and scratched at his cheek. He flinched, yelped in pain and watched as the long-haired feline ran for the stairs. He stood there only a moment longer, rubbing at the stinging wound on his cheek and nursing a battered ego at the same time. He looked at his watch. It was 6:49. Within the span of fifteen minutes he’d managed to alienate every loving member of his household. It was a personal record. ” He almost called down to her, but thought better of it. Instead he confined himself to his office, turned on his computer and pulled out a shoebox of notes.

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