Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Neutron Emissions from Fracture by Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello

By Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello

This publication provides the suitable outcomes of lately came across and interdisciplinary phenomena, prompted by way of neighborhood mechanical instabilities. specifically, it seems at emissions from nano-scale mechanical instabilities similar to fracture, turbulence, buckling and cavitation, focussing on vibrations on the TeraHertz frequency and Piezonuclear reactions. destiny functions for this paintings may well contain earthquake precursors, weather switch, power construction and mobile biology.

A sequence of fracture experiments on typical rocks demonstrates that the TeraHertz vibrations may be able to result in fission reactions on medium weight parts followed via neutron emissions. an analogous phenomenon seems to have happened in numerous diversified events, quite within the chemical evolution of the Earth and sun method, via seismicity (rocky planets) and storms (gaseous planets). because the authors discover, those phenomena may also clarify puzzles regarding the background of our planet, just like the ocean formation or the primordial carbon toxins, in addition to medical mysteries, just like the so-called “cold nuclear fusion” or the right kind radio-carbon courting of natural fabrics, comparable to the Turin Shroud. In biology, Piezonuclear reactions may possibly clarify the mechanism that governs the so-called "sodium-potassium pump" and extra more often than not, the metabolic processes.

Scientists engaged in seismology, geophysics, geochemistry, climatology, planetology, condensed topic physics and b

iology, in addition to these keen on theoretical and utilized mechanics, will all savour the leading edge paintings awarded right here in a holistic way.

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As far as the intermediate frequency (200 Hz) is concerned, the cylindrical specimens have been subjected to compression-compression fatigue tests by 44 A. Carpinteri et al. means of an electromechanical Amsler Vibrofore 10 HPF 422 (see Fig. 2b). This equipment allows to apply fatigue loading with a frequency range between 100 and 260 Hz, a mean load up to 50 kN, and an alternate load up to 50 kN. The machine working conditions are related to resonance conditions of the system which is composed by two masses (a seismic huge mass and the specimen mass) and two springs (a huge machine spring element and the specimen stiffness) disposed in series (see Fig.

10, it is possible to observe that the maximum neutron emission level starts to decrease from monotonic loading condition, in which the neutron emission seems to be maximized for all the materials, down to the ultrasonic range (20 kHz), in which the neutron emissions for Luserna stone and basalt is only some times greater than the background level detected before the experiments. Particular consideration has to be given to the case of fatigue loading at the intermediate frequency (200 Hz).

It can be verified that the maximum temperature is measured in correspondence of the line which lies in the tangent plane which is parallel to the 4 Frequency-Dependent Neutron Emissions During Fatigue Tests on Iron-Rich. . 45 Fig. 3 NEC TH7100WX infrared thermo camera used for the temperature monitoring of the external surface of the specimen (a). detector 24,7 24,3 23,9 23,5 °C Fig. 4 Thermal contour of basalt specimen during compression fatigue loading. The specimen, the neutron dosimeters and the machine clamps are indicated.

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