Agreement, Pronominal Clitics and Negation in Tamazight by Hamid Ouali

By Hamid Ouali

This e-book offers a learn of varied vital points of Tamazight Berber syntax in the generative culture. >

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This auxiliary can be used with the main verb in sentences which involve "temporal contrastiveness" or "antecedence," in Ouhalla's (1988) terms. " He therefore assumes that the structure of clauses such as (63) contains two Agr projections and two Asp projections, but only one TP; otherwise, we would not be able to account for the contrast between (63) represented in (64), and (65), in which two tense markers (ad) co-occur. ]]])] *ad-illi-n ad-uggur-n rux-nni (Tarifit Berber) to-Aux-AOR-3p to- go-PER-3p time-that (from Ouhalla 1988: 47) However, given examples such as (62) from Tamazight, I argue that complex tenses in Berber involve not only two AspPs (since both BE and the main verb are inflected for Aspect), but also two separate TP projections, as shown by the presence of two separate overt tense auxiliaries, one preceding BE and the other preceding the main verb, as in (66).

1 There is almost a general consensus that VSO is a derived by displacing the verb to a pre-subject position (See Boukhris 1998, Elouazizi 2003, 2005, Guerssel 1995, Omari 2001, Ouhalla 1988, 2005a, 2005b among others). The position where the verb moves however varies from one an analysis to another. For Ouahalla (1988), Sadiqi (1986), and Ouali (2006a, 2006b) the verb moves toT, for Elouazizi (2005) it moves to a position F higher than VP but lower than T, and for Ouhalla (2005a) it simply moves to v within vP but never toT.

The next property that Boukhris describes is that ad can be preceded by negation but d, she claims, must be used: (30) ur d,. sg-leave+AOR "He will not leave" (Boukhris 1998: 95) [M: Mfirmative] In this example Boukhris describes d as an "Affirmation" marker, which begs the question why would such marker occur in negative sentences. Boukhris herself declares that the o bligatoriness of din negative sentences is unexpected but it is not an isolated case since it is also found in yes-no questions following the Q( -uestion) marker "is": d,.

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