Air Chemistry and Radioactivity by Christian E Junge

By Christian E Junge

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6 and 7 is observed. There is almost no seasonal variation in the southern hemisphere and the regional differences are surprisingly small, as indicated by the excellent agreement between the Antarctic data and those obtained during the Downwind Cruise between 00 and 5005 latitude. 3 ppm annually. I n the North Pacific and in the Arctic, on the other hand, the CO, content shows a marked seasonal variation with an amplitude of 26 1. GASES about 5 ppm (Fig. 7). The maximum occurs in spring a t the onset of the growing season and the minimum occurs in fall when plant growth has ceased.

GASES about 5 ppm (Fig. 7). The maximum occurs in spring a t the onset of the growing season and the minimum occurs in fall when plant growth has ceased. This strongly suggests that the variation is caused by the biological cycle of the terrestrial biosphere in temperate latitudes. The explanation is supported by the observation that the isotopic ratio C13/C12 varies in a way which is to be expected if fractionation by assimilation is involved (Keeling, 1958). 0 ON 0 - X' - I/ I I I I I I The absence of a seasonal variation in the southern hemisphere is in line with this interpretation because here the wooded areas are concentrated in the tropical latitudes with no annual cycle, and those in temperate latitudes are rather small.

This may indicate that ozone is destroyed not only by contact with the ground, but also within the stable layer, perhaps by accumulated pollution. During daytime hours, when turbulence is well developed, there is almost no difference between the values a t 80 meters and those a t the surface. This is in agreement with Regener’s finding and shows that fairly representative tropospheric ozone values can be obtained a t the ground when the meteorological conditions are properly chosen, Parallel measurements of surface ozone on the Pfaender (1060 meters) and at‘the Bodensee (400 meters above sea level), by Ehmert and Ehmert (194l), first demonstrated that the ozone content near the ground is much lower than a t higher levels.

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