al-Murshid: A Guide to Modern Standard Arabic Grammar for by Laila Al-Sawi, Iman Saad

By Laila Al-Sawi, Iman Saad

This grammar booklet is meant for intermediate rookies of contemporary general Arabic. It covers the details that they should grasp at this point to arrange them for the following point of skillability. every one lesson within the booklet starts with a short assertion and rationalization of a grammar rule through forms of routines.
The workout portion of the teachings starts off with mechanical drills (some of that have illustrations) for perform of the grammar aspect of the lesson. on the finish, there are writing workouts that allow newbies to supply the language freely whereas nonetheless requiring them to take advantage of the lesson's grammar.
The booklet is observed by means of a CD with PowerPoint displays illustrating the grammar principles defined within the classes, and interactive drills. This very functional textbook presents a great, versatile device for a grammar-based method of instructing MSA.

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Use ob if the following word begins with a vowel. qxp 24 7/26/07 6:09 PM Page 24 Russian Phrases For Dummies Building Your Grammar Base with Nouns and Pronouns Nouns and pronouns are the building blocks of any sentence. In the following sections, you find out about genders, cases, and plurals of nouns. Getting the lowdown on the gender of nouns Unlike English nouns, every Russian noun has what’s called a grammatical gender: masculine, feminine, or neuter. Knowing a noun’s gender is important because it determines how the noun changes for each of the six cases.

Table 2-1 shows you the declension for masculine, feminine, and neuter singular nouns for all the cases. Replace iye with iya. Replace iya with ii. Replace iya with iyu. Replace j with ya. Replace j with ya if the noun is a living being; otherwise, don’t do anything. iye iya j Don’t do anything. Replace j with yem. Replace iya with ii. Replace iya with iyej. Chapter 2: Grammar on a Diet: Just the Basics (continued) Replace j with ye. Replace iya with ii. Replace iye with ii. 6:09 PM Replace j with yu.

Qxp Page 32 Russian Phrases For Dummies Replace ye with ya, like the nominative plural (see Table 2-2). If the noun is a living being, Replace the soft it looks just like the genitive sign with yam. plural (see Table 2-3); otherwise, it looks just like the nominative plural (see Table 2-2). ye A soft sign (’) Replace o with ami. 6:09 PM Replace the soft sign Replace the soft sign with yami and omit the with yakh. last vowel of the word if it is ye. Replace ye with yakh. Replace o with akh. To Form Prepositional Plural 7/26/07 Replace ye with yam.

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