Analysis, Networks, Peptides by K. Bode, I. Kuriyama, J.E. Mark, F. Maser, M. Mutter, Y.

By K. Bode, I. Kuriyama, J.E. Mark, F. Maser, M. Mutter, Y. Nakose, A. Odajima, V.N.R. Pillai, J.P. Queslel, H.W. Siesler

With contributions by way of a variety of specialists

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E-. - ~ 260 360 strain 460 560 660 (%1 Fig. 39. Dichroic function/strain-plot of the 1662 cm -1 (O) and t 126 cm-1 (/x) absorption bands corresponding to the loading-unloading cycle of sulfur-crosslinked natural rubber at 300 K (closed symbols:elongation, open symbols: recovery) dichroic ratio of the v ( C = C ) absorption band at 1662 cm -1 did not significantly deviate from the measurements at ambient temperature. To monitor the crystalline and amorphous orientation of a strongly crystallizing system during a loading-unloading cycle (Fig.

I E:6o oE40] Fig. 26. :30 1500 1450 wavenumbers ! I Fig. 27. Isosbestic point observed in the ~(CH2) absorption region of FTIR spectra recorded during uniaxial extension of a PTMT film Rhea-Optical Fourier-TransformInfrared Spectroscopy 39 at 300 K (72 MNm -2) and 353 K (45 MNm -z) are fully supported by the experimental results of Tadokoro et al. lss) As an interesting detail of these investigations an isosbestic point characteristic of the equilibrium established between the relaxed and strained units at different stress levels could be detected in the region of the 8(CHz) absorption bands (Fig.

However, it should be kept in mind that it is difficult to differentiate between an orientational change caused by a rotation of a crystal and that caused by melting of a crystal and growth in a different state of orientation. The decreasing stress beyond the yield point is indicative of a partial disintegration of the superstructure into smaller blocks. W. Siesler after the yield point. In the region beyond 200 ~o strain which is characterized by a weak increase of stress with strain only a further slight improvement of the orientation of recrystallizing unfolded chains takes place.

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