Angels A to Z: A Who's Who of the Heavenly Host by Matthew Bunson

By Matthew Bunson

Amid the veritable choirs of renowned angel books, this is often the one one who bargains real details on each part of angel lore. right here eventually is a close reference for someone who desires to ultimately get the instantly dope on all points of angel arcana. forty photographs.

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ADONAI The term or name used since an early time by the Hebrews as a substitute for the sacred name of God, Jehovah (Yahweh), which was ineffable and incommunicable. Adonai was thus read or recited silently when it appeared in sacred texts. ) routinely used for the word of God. In most translations of the Bible, Adonai is expressed as Lord. D. ) AEON In the original Greek sense, a great period of time, normally considered infinite or indefinite; over time, aeon became associated in the teachings of Gnosticism with an order of spirits or angelic beings who exist eternally and are emanations of the Godhead.

The name Abraxas was thus not surprisingly used in charms and talismans and was intended to provide divine protection and blessing. ” The abyss is the abode of Satan and his legions of fallen angels; it is additionally the place to which the souls of the condemned are consigned for an eternity of punishment and torment. This angel, keeper of the keys of the abyss, is also called the angel of the bottomless pit, identified most often as Abaddon. ACCUSING ANGEL, THE The name given to the angel who “accuses” the sinner of the action; it is also applied to Satan, who, in the role of “the accuser,” tests all humanity in its faithfulness toward God.

They were given various qualities and ultimately received exceedingly personalized attributes: truth (Vohu Manah); immortality (Ameretat); salvation (Haurvatat); desirable realm or dominion (Ksathiara); highest righteousness (Asha Vahista); and pious devotion (Spenta Aramiti). It can be said that the amesha spentas emanated (were emanations of) Ahura Mazda and reflected his most magnificent traits. Each amesha spenta, however, also had a diametrically opposite and equivalent archangel or spirit of evil.

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