Animal Rights by Gail Mack

By Gail Mack

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Other researchers have added to Darwin’s list. In his book A Natural History of Human Emotions, Stuart Walton adds jealousy, contempt, shame, and embarrassment. Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist, writing in Descartes’ Error, added “social emotions”: sympathy, guilt, pride, envy, admiration, and indignation. ” Human-Animal Bonding In earlier times, animals were domesticated so that humans could use them for various jobs: for example, dogs were herders and trackers, and cats patrolled barns and homes and hunted for rats and mice to kill.

Some saw the vote as a “message” from a region that strongly supports political and cultural independence from Madrid. Spanish matador Manuel Jesús “El Cid” makes a pass to a bull during a bullfight at the famous bullring Las Ventas, in Madrid. 50 THE OTHER SIDE: ANIMALS SHOULD HAVE RIGHTS Countries around the world that have banned or restricted the use of animals in entertainment include Sweden, Austria, Costa Rica, India, Finland, and Singapore. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you think animals express emotions?

Would you attend a bullfight or a circus that had wild animal acts? Why or why not? What are some laws in your community that protect animals? 51 At 4 the local, regional, and national levels, issues that divide researchers and animal advocates are being debated. Legislation that refl ects recent research and the growing interest in animal rights has been passed or proposed. The goal of these new acts and proposals is protection of the interests of animals. S. Food and Drug Administration was preparing to issue new guidelines on the prolonged use of antibiotics in healthy animals.

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