Animals in the Glorious Qur'an Relating Their Own Stories by Ahmad Bahjat

By Ahmad Bahjat

The wonderful Quran relates a few tales the place the animals play an enormous half in. In a simplified demeanour this ebook relates those tales.

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We saw wooden toys made of plants on land called trees. And on these wooden toys there were strange creatures, walking on their feet, moving their hands and puffing smoke out of their mouths. " I raised my head, contemplating these worms that were on the board of sticks and I was full of surprise. I asked myself, "Is this our old and dangerous enemy? His size is no more than the size of a scar in my deformed tail! " "Yes,'" I replied. " He said, "And you think that you can tear his ship to shreds and swallow it with him, don't you?

There is an old picture that lies somewhere in my giant body, deep within my mind and in a place concealed by a throne of oil. This picture occupies a place between the meat, the blood and the nerves. In this picture, there appears a gray and foggy land in which there were volcanoes. Purple vapor mingled with a yellow color that rose from the volcanoes. Our grandparents were bigger than dinosaurs that began to be extinct at that time. Dinosaurs were huge but had little intelligence. They had a lot of desires and were unable to adapt themselves to the changing circumstances of the earth.

I once tried eating cooked food which was prepared by people using a fire and the food was left to cool down. I tried to eat it but found it rather tasteless. I talk about food because I am fasting. Five days ago, I ate half a fat sheep that went astray from the rest of its flock. We usually eat once a week and live on that for the rest of the week. We fast for six days without feeling hungry, and then we start looking for food again. I remained standing in front of the cave's entrance until nightfall, when the wolves' friend appeared.

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