Anticholinergic Drugs and Brain Functions in Animals and Man by P.B. Bradley

By P.B. Bradley

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V. pilocarpine 14 mg/kg. 3 mg/kg. v. 5-6 mg/kg and 5-hydroxytryptophan with a toral dose of 33 mg. In each experiment the dose employed was sufficient to produce the required results, whether blocking or activation. To stimulate the midbrain reticular substance, direct current pulses of a frequency of 300/second and a duration of 2 msec were employed. The voltage varied from 1 to 10 with total durations from EEG AROUSAL AND CORTICAL CHOLINERGIC LINK 29 3 to 10 seconds. v. RESULTS A . v. eserine or pilocarpine In 24 animals, soon after the topical application of gel-foam pledgets saturated with the anticholinergic agents, the alert pattern evoked by eserine (16 experiments) and pilocarpine (8 experiments) changed to high slow waves but there were differences between the three cholinolytic drugs.

AND ROW,G. F. (1960) Electrophysiological analysis of the action of atropine on the central nervous system. Arch. ital. , 98, 293-307. 31 LONGO,V. G. (1956) Effects of scopolamine and atropine on electroencephalographic and behavioral reactions due to hypothalamic stimulation. J. , 116, 198-208. 32 LONGO, V. G. (1966) Mechanisms of the behavioral and electroencephalographic effects of atropine and related compounds. Pharmacol. , 18, 965-996. 33 LONGO,V. G. AND SILVESTRIM, B. (1957) Effects of adrenerkic and cholinergic drugs injected by the intra-carotid route on electrical activity of brain.

The cortical electrodes were of the silver ball type with flexible insulated silver wires and placed in Plexiglas holders. In some experiments, deep coaxial electrodes were implanted according to the maps of Sawyer, Everett and Green33a for the rabbit. The recordings were registered from the following areas: anterior cortex (motor), posterior cortex (limbic), caudate nucleus, hippocampus and thalamus (see Fig. 1). All drugs were dissolved in distilled water and for SAGITTAL SUTURE SAGITTAL SUTURE Fig.

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