Antifouling Compounds (Progress in Molecular and Subcellular by Nobuhiro Fusetani, Anthony S. Clare

By Nobuhiro Fusetani, Anthony S. Clare

Wisdom of the risks of poisonous parts in antifouling coatings has raised curiosity within the capability for unhazardous possible choices. Marine organisms from micro organism to invertebrates and vegetation use chemical substances to speak and guard themselves. This publication explores traditional dependent antifoulants, their ecological capabilities, equipment of characterisation and attainable makes use of in antifouling. The textual content takes at the problem of making a choice on such compounds, designing sustainable construction and incorporating them into antifouling coatings.

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Larval behavior should be observed and quantified where possible, and the reversibility of inhibition or lethality of treatments assessed. Ideally, assays should expose larvae only to concentrations likely to be encountered in the field, either by reproducing concentrations measured in situ, or by allowing compounds to diffuse into an excess of seawater while larvae are confined near a treated surface. Flume and field experiments may provide missing information on larval behavior around chemically enriched surfaces in realistic flow.

2000; Thomason et al. 2002). For instance, Semibalanus balanoides cyprids were video recorded in the field over three test substrata, and analysis of the video revealed differences in small-scale exploratory behavior corresponding to surface properties of each substratum (Thomason et al. 2002). This technique offers the promise of determining the scale at which larvae recognize and respond to physical and chemical properties of a surface, either attractive or repellent, under natural conditions of flow, conspecific abundance, etc.

25), diterpenes from the octocoral Renilla reniformis (Keifer et al. 1986). Small analogues of these natural products containing furan or lactone rings inhibited cyprid settlement in a reversible manner not due to sub-lethal toxicity (Clare et al. 1999). More studies of how the parent natural products affect larval behavior would clarify the role of diterpenes in cnidarian antifouling defense. For instance, the renillafoulins inhibited settlement of cyprids but not of Bugula neritina larvae, and conversely, uncharacterized compounds inhibited Bugula neritina larvae but not cyprids, suggesting multiple compounds may be necessary for an effective non-toxic defense against a natural assemblage of fouling taxa (Rittschof et al.

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