Attacking with 1d4 (Everyman Chess) by Angus Dunnington

By Angus Dunnington

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Tired of enjoying the standard openings? anxious approximately having to benefit an excessive amount of idea? Then this booklet is what you're trying to find! overseas grasp Angus Dunnington provides you with a brand new attacking starting repertoire in accordance with the movement 1 d4. instead of getting slowed down with concept, Dunnington concentrates on developing easy-to-learn platforms opposed to all of Black's attainable defenses. He chooses traces that are enjoyable to play, effortless to benefit and should pose your unsuspecting opponent many difficulties. (6 x nine, one hundred sixty pages, b&w diagrams)

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M aster. And that you w i l l face such filthy knight sall ies considerably more frequently than Anand. I n this module I ' l l discuss the ideas relevant to these positions so you are better equipped to punish your opponent for marring the chessboard with such ugly and arrogant moves. ( For we all know that you are the only one who has the right to play ugly and arrogant moves. ) U g ly, Arroga nt, and An noyi ng. 45 Module 3 : Putting Down an Errant Kn ight P r i m a ry Ta rgets One target for White is always the C o l l e - K o l ta nowski pl ayers w i l l i n g Knight itsel f.

Ne4, but under­ moves in putting it on a useful square. standing your primary targets in such The second maj or target for White is positions should put you o n the right the d S -pawn. The Knight that moved to track. e4 used to defend that pawn, but now it is defended by the pawn . The pawn might seem adequately guarded. Currently the e6-pawn and the Queen on dB protect it. The issue is that any attack on the pawn is really an attack on the Knight until the Knight gets more protectio n . Thus, Nc3 is a triple attack of sorts.

Thus, Black may answer in kind with 10 ... Nb4, hitting c2 and essentially pinning the Knight on d2 before it even gets there ! Ndxe4 ? ) Unfo rtun ately for Bl ack, White has more important things on his mind than c2 and a l . N d 6 + ! Qg3 , Bl ack's Knight After 9 . . Bd 7, White has three prom­ ising plans. is not doing him any favors. Since 10 ... Qh 5 is still quite good since 10 ... like Black has to settle for 10 .. Q a3 cannot be comfo rtable. the Queen line while 1 0... Nc3 f5 52 Module 3 : Lesson N otes on Com p leting the Exe rci ses My guess is th at your j ournal shows a substantially different answer than the ab ove .

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