Babylonian Horoscopes (Transactions of the American by Francesca Rochberg

By Francesca Rochberg

Interpretations of heavenly phenomena as symptoms of the longer term used to be a Mesopotamian culture of significant antiquity. The perform of Babylonian celestial divination, spanning a interval from ca. 1800 B.C. to Hellenistic instances, is understood within the type of celestial omens portending the lifetime of the king and the soundness of the country. rising for the 1st time within the 5th century B.C., horoscopes replicate the applying of the suitable and perform of celestial divination to the lifetime of the person. this is often the 1st whole version of the extant cuneiform horoscopes--with transcription and philological and astronomical statement. it's the first examine to supply a scientific description of the records as a definable category of Babylonian astronomical/astrological texts.

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2). " Hunger Uruk I 94: 9-14, also 20-21. See the discussion in U. 170-171. 209-222;Neugebauer,HAMA pp. 357-363;and A. Slotsky, "The Uruk Solstice Scheme Revisited," in H. , Die Rolle der Astronomie in den Kulturen Mesopotamiens(Beitragezum 3. 359-366. 2 Text 1 4 6 8 13 14 15 18 19 20 21 22 22 23 25 26 Birthdate Date of Sols/Equ. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. 16 ? 3. Most, however, seem to come within five months of the date of birth. A strikingdetailin this context is that the majority of horoscopes in which eclipses are preserved mention both lunar and solar eclipses.

Of the Chariot Text 15:3 5) SUR GIGIR s ULU = ( Tauri 30 ina IGI SUR GIGIR sa ULU moon west of the "Southern ... of the Chariot,"Text 4:3 30 ina IGI SUR ULU moon west of the Southern ... " See Text 21 commentary. 55), but in the vicinity of a and P Librae. 17-19. DATA # 2 CALENDARIC The Babylonianhoroscopes were all datedto the birth of a child. The evidencethat data were excerpted from other astronomical texts, such as diaries, almanacs, and even goal-yeartexts, indicates that a horoscope represents some compilation of observationstaken from other documents, or indeed computations of heavenly phenomena, put together sometime after the date of birth.

E. E. 61 -250 8 unpub. 28 ? unpub. E. E. 135 -175 unpub. E. 195 -116 two horoscopes unpub. E. E. 231 -80 25 BM 42025 + L*1472f. E. 88 -223 13 BM 47642 unpub. two horoscopes 6a BM 47721 unpub. E. ll 36 -368 birth note BM 64148 unpub. E. E. 186 -125 BM 78089 unpub. E. 172 -139 BM 81561 unpub. E. E. E. 63 -248 Uruk NCBT 1231 unpub. E. E. E. 1 TheNames of thePlanets The horoscopesuse the abbreviatednames of the planetsfamiliarfrom non-mathematicalastronomicaltexts and mathematicalephemerides. US dSal-bat-a-nu ACT 30 20 BABBAR Dele-bat GU4 GENNA AN Note that in the text transcriptions, the practice of Sachs to transcribe 30 as sin and 20 as sama's is followed.

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