Babylonian Mathematical Astronomy: Procedure Texts by Mathieu Ossendrijver

By Mathieu Ossendrijver

This ebook includes new translations and a brand new research of the technique texts of Babylonian mathematical astronomy, the earliest recognized kind of mathematical astronomy of the traditional international. The translations are in line with a contemporary method incorporating fresh insights from Assyriology and translation technology.

The paintings includes up-to-date and accelerated interpretations of the astronomical algorithms and investigations of formerly neglected linguistic, mathematical and different facets of the technique texts.

Special awareness is paid to problems with mathematical illustration and over a hundred images of cuneiform capsules relationship from 350-50 BCE are presented.

In 2-3 years, the writer intends to proceed his learn of Babylonian mathematical astronomy with a brand new ebook with a view to comprise new versions and reconstructions of approx. 250 tabular texts and a brand new philological, astronomical and mathematical research of those texts. Tabular texts are finish items of Babylonian math astronomy, computed with algorithms which are formulated within the current quantity, process Texts.

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Only a very small portion of the Esagila was excavated, partly by means of tunnels. Among the eight tablets found within the Esagila, all still unpublished, none are believed to have an astronomical content (cf. Peders´en 2005, library N20). Cf. the discussion in Clancier (2009), pp. 200–214. 3 Archaeological and archival aspects collection # astro # PT Nos. BD 37 15, 20, 60, 72, 95, 96 7 NMAT procedures astro joins BM 32236+32336 (Sp2, 82–9–18, 1958–4–12) (81–6–25, Sp) (81–7–6) Sp2, 81–6–25, 81–7–1, 81–7–6, (Rm) BM 34560, BM 34639, BM 34790, Sp, Sp3, 81–7–1, 81–7–6, low VAT, BM 43418 (76–11–17, 81–2–1, 83–6–30, 84–2–11, 89–4–26) Sp2, 81–2–1, 81–4–28, 81–7–6, 82–7–4 BM 33564, BM 33739 81–11–3 BM 36747+37018, BM 36760, 81–2–1, (81–11–3) BM 36766, BM 36782, BM 36854, BM 36855, BM 37056+37074, BM 37110, BM 37332 Sp3, 80–6–17, 81–7–6, (Sp2) BM 41004 Sp3, 82–7–4 Sp, (77–2–22, 1958–4–12, Rm) BM 42282+42294 Sp, Sp2, 81–7–6 BM 45728, BM 45990 Sp, Sp2, Sp3, 81–2–1, 81–7–1, (78–10–15, 82–7–4, 84–2–11) BM 47723 Rm4, (80–6–17) BM 57980 BM 76488, BM 76703 Sp3, 81–4–28, (81–7–6) 40 87 40, 87 76 83–9–28 83–9–28, (Sp2) 83–1–21, 83–6–30 (Sp2, 81–7–6, 89–4–26) 1 97 (1958–4–12) 2 35, 66 Sp2, (MMA) ?

6 What should I multiply by 2,13 / appearances so that it is 15,6,0? You multiply 6,48;43,18,30 by 2,13 appearances, it is / 15,6,0. No. 13 R33’–35’ The only known example involving subtraction is the following: [mi-nu-u2 ] ta s˘a3 lu-us-suh / zib 18 zi ... ˘ What should I ‘tear out’ from it? Psc: you ‘tear out’ 18 ... No. 52 Ri25–26 These phrases represent fictitious dialogues between master and student, a rhetorical device that is rare in the astronomical procedure texts but well known from mathematical problem texts from both the OB and the LB period.

By contrast, Greek mathematical astronomy is seen as achieving its predictions on the basis of models, derived from physical concepts with the axiomatic-deductive method also known from the Elements of Euclid. Recent investigations have resulted in a more diverse picture of Greek astronomy, in particular the discovery of Babylonian methods in the Greek astrological papyri from Oxyrhynchus (Jones 1999). 81 The procedure texts, as verbal representations of algorithms, exhibit numerous innovations in terms of mathematical representation, which are explored in the next chapter.

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