Backpack Books: 1001 Facts About Dinosaurs by DK Publishing

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This e-book entrances us, and our 3-year outdated son (who will hear as lengthy my voice holds out!) it really is jam-packed with photos of fossils, very good illustrations, and genuine details. It has not one of the silliness and sloppy pondering that the majority kid's books imagine is appropriate. as a substitute, it has attention-grabbing, actual info - equipped through issues which are sufficiently small to slot inside a 3-year old's awareness span, yet attention-grabbing and academic for me, too. Todlers and adults gets as a lot info as they could snatch, and all get pleasure from and study from the nice photographs and illustrations.

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Air traveled through this prehistoric “trombone,” where it vibrated as sound. COLOR VIEW FROM LEFT VIEW FROM RIGHT BLACK AND WHITE VIEW FROM LEFT VIEW FROM RIGHT DOUBLE VISION We do not know if dinosaurs could see in color, but eye position affected the kind of image seen. Eyes on the sides of the head, common in herbivores, sent two different pictures to the brain. COLOR SINGLE VISION Brain size is not always a sign of intelligence, but big-brained Troodon was probably one of the smartest dinosaurs.

It could use the hoofed middle fingers for walking, and the long fifth fingers could hook onto plants. The thumb spikes were probably defensive weapons used for stabbing enemies. PRESERVED IGUANODON FOOTPRINT IGUANODON FOSSILIZED FOOT BONES The broad, three-toed footprint matches the fossilized foot bones. DINOSAUR PRINT Iguanodon left many clues behind when it became extinct. When it walked on damp sand or mud it left footprints, which dried and became preserved. The footprints of an adult Iguanodon would have been about 35 in (90 cm) long.

When it walked on damp sand or mud it left footprints, which dried and became preserved. The footprints of an adult Iguanodon would have been about 35 in (90 cm) long. 41 INTRODUCTION Tails Dinosaur tails had many uses, and tail bones can tell us a lot about their owners. Flexible tails ending with long, thin bones were the trademark of the giant sauropod dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that ran on two legs had tail bones that locked stiffly together to help give balance. Tails ending in lumps and spikes were used as weapons against attacking enemies.

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