Bauman's Challenge: Sociological Issues for the 21st Century by Mark E Davis, Keith Tester

By Mark E Davis, Keith Tester

This certain and unique assortment by means of across the world popular students makes use of serious engagements with Baumans sociology to spot and higher comprehend the demanding situations that face globalized human societies first and foremost of the twenty-first century.

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Flourish. With the power of the Camorra clans grounded in these specific territorialities and within their closeknit systems of family and friends/allies, the global flows from their production lines of waste and destruction branch out to the rest of Italy, Spain, Bolivia, Serbia, Scotland, China, Romania, Somalia, Peru, Venezuela, Germany, Poland, the Ukraine and Nigeria – in short, across the globe. Their exterritorial transactions operating beyond the law generates inconceivable wealth and power.

Welfare solutions to the problems arising from mass unemployment, poor education, crowded housing, drugs and petty crime are giving way to security measures lest these ‘problems’ should spread to the wider society; police crackdowns instead of increasing resources to the schools and youth centres in the ‘problem’ areas. In the thoroughly individualized world of liquid modernity, responsibility for ‘personal’ calamities is placed in the hands of the hapless ‘losers’ in the global reality game of exclusion (cf.

The power of their assault and penetration of global markets rests upon the speed with which they operate beyond the law as such. The tourists surfing the rushing waters of exterritoriality Bauman invokes the image of Henry Ford as an exemplary symbol for classical or solid modernity’s ruler. Virilio (1986) in turn invokes the image of Howard Hughes, the ‘invisible citizen’: This completely de-socialized man, who vanished from the earth, who avoided human contact for fear of germs, who was terrified by 30 The Use-Value of Human Waste the very breath of his rare visitors, nonetheless thought only of the media, from the aerospace industry to the cinema, from gasoline to airfields, from casinos to the star system, from the design of Jane Russell’s bra to that of a bomber.

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