Best of the Rolling Stones. Vol. 1, 1963-1973 by Rolling Stones

By Rolling Stones

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Contumely (KON-too-muh-lee) noun: A rude display in speech or deed; contemp- tuous behavior. Contumely can also mean humiliating derision. 26 He that is proud eats up himself. Pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle; and whatever praises itself but in the deed, devours the deed in the praise. —Willia m Shakespeare 27 conviction conviction (kuhn-VIK-shuhn) noun: Firmly held belief in someone or something. cornstarchy airs (KAWRN-stahrch-ee airz) phrase: An arrogant or haughty attitude.

Grandiloquence refers to an attitude of haughtiness, especially in one’s means of communication. grandiose (GRAN-dee-ohs) adjective: Pompous. Someone whose pretentions or ambitions exceed his abilities, sensitivities, or means could be considered grandiose. gravitas (GRAV-ih-tahs) noun: Importance. 57 H hail hail (hayl) verb: To praise and applaud passionately. haughty (HAW-tee) adjective: Snobbishly proud. haughty airs (HAW-tee airz) phrase: A haughty and snobbish attitude. hauteur (hoh-TUR) noun: Haughty in manner.

Egocentricity (ee-goh-sen-TRIS-ih-tee) noun: A selfish, egocentric attitude. David’s overwhelming EGOCENTRICITY stemmed from the fact his parents always told him he was the best at whatever he did—and now he expects everyone in his adult life to do the same. egoism (EE-goh-iz-uhm) noun: Valuing things only in reference to one’s own self-worth. egomania (ee-goh-MAY-nee-uh) noun: Obsessive egoism. egomaniac (ee-goh-MAY-nee-ak) noun: A person who exhibits egomania. 39 egosurfing egosurfing (ee-goh-SUR-fing) noun: A slang term meaning to look yourself up on the Internet for the sake of vanity.

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