Beyond the Spanish State by Rachel Jones

By Rachel Jones

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123). However, a minority of the more active regions demanded information on the implications of EC entry and carried out detailed, sectoral studies. The Catalonia parliament approved a motion on 11 November 1980 which called for the setting up of a joint committee to monitor the negotiations. The committee was treated apprehensively initially, but became an acceptable forum for the serious debate of EC issues (Granell, 1982, p. 4 Attempts to have an input to the negotiations were made in other regions at a late stage in the accession process: for example, a Technical Committee for European Economic Community Affairs was established in the Basque Country on 26 June 1984 (Granell, 1984, p.

Rationale behind central government policies: political/symbolic or economic/technical 2. Size of government majority/capacity to enforce policy decisions domestically 3. Level of decentralization/centralization of the state 4. Level of skills and resources of domestic actors 5. Level of knowledge of the EU of domestic actors Approach to the Analysis 21 integration within the European democratic framework. Furthermore, the majority of the ruling party in government in Spain from 1982 to 1986 would be expected to enhance its capacity to withstand domestic pressures, which was likely to be more difficult for the weaker 1979–82 government.

The inclusion of domestic interests in the analytical framework does not therefore necessarily represent a greater threat to central state autonomy. In fact, Martin Smith (1993, Approach to the Analysis 15 pp. 53–4) considers that, under certain circumstances, a close relationship between central government and domestic groups can seal off the policy process from other actors and, ultimately, increase government autonomy. Variations in domestic circumstances thus become part of the specification of the bargaining ability of the central state, and trade-offs must be made between international and domestic goals.

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