Biology of the Antarctic Seas XXII by Stephen D. Cairns

By Stephen D. Cairns

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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine Series.


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Six protopodallobesof maxilla(Figure24b) with 3, 2, 2, 3, 2, 3 setaein order from proximal to distal. Coxa of maxillipedwith 1, 3, 3 setae(Figure24c). Five endopodalsegments with 4, 4, 3, 3, 4 setaein order from proximal to distal. All long setaeon basisand endopodarmed with hookedspinules. Swimming legs similar to those of E. Terminalspineof thirdexopodalsegmentabout 60% length of segmentin both legs. Terminal spine of third segmentabout 80% lengthof segmentitself. Male. 83 mm. Similar in habitus to female, but prosomemore slenderthan in female (Figure 25a).

16. All long setaeof basisandendopodarmedwith hookedspinules. 1 times length of segmentitself. In thirdleg exopod(Figure16e),bases of secondand fifth outer spineseach with a sensory pore. Exopodof fourthleg (Figure 16f) with 2 sensoryporesas in third leg. Only fourthouter spine of exopodwith a sensorypore at its base. Third endopodal segmentwith 6 or 7 setae. Remarks. Two rostral filamentsare well developed. The antenna, mandible, maxillule, and maxilla are all with reduced number of setae. 4 mm longcollected from the tropicalPacificand hassincebeenrecorded from the North Atlantic [Farran, 1908; Sars, 1925; Grice, 1963; Grice and Hulsemann,1965], off Japan in the North Pacific [Tanaka, 1964; Tanaka and Omori, 1974], from the Malay Archipelago[Scott, 1909], from the Arabian Sea [Sewell, 1947], and between 13ø36'N and 10ø07'S in the westernIndian Ocean [Grice and Hulsemann,1967].

34: 75-127. ), Biology of the Antarcticseas 1965 from Antarctic and Subantarctic waters. In L. S. xm, Antarct. Res. , 38: 165-213. C. 1983b Calanoid copepodsof the family Phaennidae from Antarctic and Subantarctic waters. In L. S. ), Biology of the Antarcticseas XIV, Antarct. Res. , 39: 317-368. C. Calanoidcopepods of the genusHaloptilusfrom Antarctic and Subantarctic waters. In L. S. ), Biology of the Antarcticseas XIX, Antarct. Res. , 47: 1-25. The pelagiccopepodsof the Izu region,middle Japan.

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