Birds of Ethiopia and Eritrea by John Ash, John Atkins

By John Ash, John Atkins

Ethiopia and Eritrea have a desirable and specified avifauna. Poorly recognized compared to many components of Africa, wisdom on fowl distribution within the nations is scattered during the literature. For greater than 35 years, the authors were painstakingly accumulating poultry files within the quarter and plotting them on half-degree maps, together with released files, info from museum specimens, sightings from their very own huge travels and, extra lately, files from the numerous birdwatchers that now stopover at Ethiopia. The ensuing atlas presents, for the 1st time, a correct overview of the distribution of every of the 870 species recognized from the 2 international locations, together with beneficial info on breeding. The succinct textual content summarises the implications and discusses distribution to subspecies point. broad introductory chapters disguise themes comparable to topography, geology, plants, weather, habitats, conservation, migration, breeding seasons, chook ringing, and the background of ornithology within the sector. This groundbreaking booklet fills a wide gap within the literature for the most diversified and least identified components of Africa.

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Also central Illubabor, the areas surrounding Jimma, and the Chercher highlands, where spring and summer rain. From lowland plains up to 1750m. Typical vegetation consists of tall grasses, or grass and trees intermingled. Mean temperature of coldest month >18°C. Mean annual rainfall 680–2000mm. November–February generally dry. Tropical climate 3 South-western Ethiopia, in Kefa and Illubabor and around Lake Tana. Up to 1850m. Vegetation typically evergreen forest. Temperature regime similar to previous category, but because of higher altitudes at which it often occurs, temperatures slightly lower.

The average annual temperature varies from 18 to 20°C. Such dry forests are dominated by Juniperus near Halai, at Cohaito, at Mrara and on Saber Mountain in Eritrea, and at Wofwasha forest near Ankober. For other species associated with this type of forest, see the Appendix. On the eastern side of the escarpment, the forest is of a drier type, presumably because of the rocky soil, unimpeded drainage and higher average temperatures. The present status of these forests is unclear. b. The dry evergreen montane forest of the highland plateau Dry evergreen montane forests associated with Acacia woodlands and grasslands occur in much of the highlands in the northern and north-western, central and south-eastern parts of the region.

Rushes juniper, tree mostly to 20m tall, but Juniperus procera can get to 45m tall Justicia (Adhatoda) schimperiana shrub, often as a live fence ‘red hot poker’, herbs with fleshy Knipfolia spp. leaves Lannea spp. small trees Lepidotrichilia volkensii shrub or tree to 15m Limonium spp. stachys, herbs Lobelia rhynchopetalum giant lobelia, flowering stem to 9m Macaranga capensis small tree to 15m Manilkara butugi tree to 30m Millettia ferruginea tree to 20m , local endemic Mimusops kummel tree to 25m shrub or small tree to 3m, Nuxia oppositifolia sometimes to 20m Ocotea kenyensis tree 20–35m tall Olea europaea subsp.

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