Birds of the world by Colin James Oliver Harrison; Alan Greensmith; Mark B Robbins

By Colin James Oliver Harrison; Alan Greensmith; Mark B Robbins

A visible identity advisor to over 8 hundred species, overlaying the total variety of fowl households. features a concise word list supplying realizing of the medical and technical phrases used. How this publication works -- Anatomy of birds -- adaptations inside species -- gazing birds within the backyard -- gazing birds within the box -- picking out birds in flight -- id key -- Non-passerines -- Passerines 800-plus illustrations of passerines and non-passerines with descriptions, species, nest, plumage, habitat, and migration proof

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Did you ever hear of such a thing? She tells me that she and Mr. Flicker not only have to find all the food for their children, but have to eat it for them also. " asked a Blackbird, who, like the rest of her family, always wanted to know about everything. "Why," repeated Mrs. Catbird, "the Flickers have to eat all the food they get for their children, and then, when it has become soft and ready for young birds, they unswallow it into their children's bills. It takes so much time to do this and to fly back and forth that they want to have them out of the nest as soon as possible.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! I should have thought you would have heard him crying. " The Lady came running out and was laughing. "Yes, John," she said, "I have had the pleasure of meeting him before. He was under my feet most of the way home from church to-night, and I could hardly bear to leave him outside. " The Gentleman sat down upon the stairs and wiped the Kitten off with his handkerchief. "Y-yes, I know," he said weakly, "but Clara, look at this poor little fellow. " "Not now," answered the Lady, "yet he will grow, if he is like most Kittens, and you know what we said.

This took them so close to the other nests that they could not help looking in. At any rate, they did n't help it. Mrs. Blackbird told Mrs. Hairbird that the way Mrs. Sparrow kept house was a disgrace to the tree. Mrs. Sparrow told her to be very careful not to leave her eggs or young children alone when the Blackbirds were around, because when they were very hungry they had been known to—! She did not finish her sentence in words, but just ruffled up her feathers and fluttered her wings, which was a great deal meaner.

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