Black Holes (Lucent Library of Science and Technology) by Don Nardo

By Don Nardo

The continues to be of collapsed stars, black holes own huge, immense gravities that pull in and annihilate any topic that strays too shut. the most recent proof and theories for those extraordinary items are awarded during this fascinating publication, together with how black holes have been first expected, how they shape, their actual homes, and the way scientists realize them. additionally coated are the enormous black holes referred to now to lurk on the facilities of so much galaxies and the potential for utilizing those gadgets as cosmic gateways.

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Admittedly, many difficult technical problems would have to be overcome before people could control and tap into these cosmic powerhouses. But after all, only a century ago space shuttles, artificial satellites, nuclear power, television, computers, and the Internet, all of which required the development of bold new technologies, did not exist. Farming the energy of black holes would utilize the same basic principle used in existing types of energy production. Namely, when any kind of fuel is burned or destroyed, some of its mass is converted into energy, which people then exploit.

From 1973 to 1991, the prevailing theory was that GRBs were telltale signs of “star quakes” (similar to earthquakes) on neutron stars; some thought that perhaps a wayward planet crashing into a neutron star releases a sudden burst of gamma rays. In recent years, however, astronomers have concluded that the physical attributes of gamma-ray bursts are better explained as by-products of the workings of large black holes. Several different scenarios have been suggested; any one of them, and indeed perhaps all of them, may be occurring at intervals not only in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, but also in the billions of other galaxies lying beyond it.

These vortexes shoot jets of hot gases outward at high speeds in opposite directions. Thorne summarizes another possible scenario for the creation of these jets. This one involves a powerful magnetic field generated by the black hole’s spin: Magnetic field lines [invisible strands of magnetism] anchored in the [accretion] disk and 47 This artist’s conception shows the accretion disk and gas jets of a black hole. The jets may be caused by powerful magnetic and electrical forces. 48 Black Holes sticking out of it will be forced, by the disk’s orbital motion, to spin around and around.

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