Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Pilots Manual by United States. Office of Flying Safety

By United States. Office of Flying Safety

Изображения: черно-белые фотоa. version B-17F and G bombardment airplanes are four-engine-midwing monoplanes. The approximate over-all dimensions are: size, seventy four toes nine inches; peak, taxying place, 19 toes 1 inch; span, 103 toes nine inches.b. Electrically operated touchdown apparatus, tail equipment, wing flaps, bomb bay doorways, and hydraulically operated brakes and cover flaps are provided.c. The workforce contains pilot, copilot, navigator, bombardier, higher turret gunner, decrease turret gunner, radio operator, facet gunner(s), and tail gunner. The plane will be entered both throughout the major front door at the correct part of the plane simply ahead of the horizontal stabilizer, or during the entrance hatch within the backside of the fuselage lower than the pilots compartment.d. protective armament of the B-17F comprises 3 turrets, each one mounting .50 calibre desktop weapons, and 5 unmarried flexibly fastened .50 fixed .50 calibre laptop weapons. The B-17G has an extra energy turret slightly below the nostril of the aircraft and regulated from thebombardiers compartment.e. Provisions are made for loading 2000-pound or smaller bombs on racks in the bomb bay, and one bomb, as much as 4000 kilos could be carried lower than every one wing.

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3089 29 30 36815 22 23 11 V.. ( 8811 40819 131ft 141ft 10 42821 10"4 NO. IS I. INTERPHONE JACKBOX ~. WINDSHIELD ANTI-ICER 2. GLIDEBOMBING ATTACH- PUMPSWITCH MENTSTATIC PRESSURE 5. ANTI-ICER ALCOHOL SELECTORSWITCH FLOWVALVE 3. WINDSHIELDWIPER CONTROLS 6. OXYGENiNDICATORS Figure 42 - Bombardier's Gun - Left Side a. 50-caliber machine gun insfallations, one mounted through a window on either side of the bombardier's compartment. 50-caliber gun is also mounted in the center Plexiglas nose of some airplanes.

ICER 5. HEATING AND VENTILATING INLET. otor :er and KEY TO FIGURE ~5 I. DRIFTMETER 5. 2. FUSEBOX 6. 3. HEATING ANDVENTILATING7. OUTLET 8. II. BOMB SIGHTSTOWAGE BOX 9. Figure 45 teal the APERIODIC COMPASS PANELLIGHT PANELLIGHTSWITCH FIRE EXTINGUISHER SlIlT HEATER OUTLET - Navigator's Compartment Right Rear Corner 1. LIGHTING. A dome light and switch are in the ceiling of the compartment. A panel light and switch are above the navigator's table on the aft wall. The navigator's light is on the wall directly over his table; the switch is on the base of the lamp.

WARNING Switch must never be left in the "FILTER 1 ON" position above 15,000 feet. LEVEL FLIGHT. PILOT COPILOT (1) Refer to Cruising Control Charts, Appendix II. (2) Use full throttle and set regulators at all altitudes, power with turbo (2) Set mixture controls to "AUTOMATIC LEAN," below 2100 rpm, 30 inches Hg manifold pressure. CAUTION Do not exceed 30 inches Hg manifold pressure below 2100 rpm. CA UTION Instantaneous load factors above the allowable can be reached very easily with rough elevator control movements.

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