Bragg Healthy Lifestyle: Vital Living to 120! by Patricia Bragg, Paul C. Bragg

By Patricia Bragg, Paul C. Bragg

Research the Bragg fit way of life which could continue you ageless. Their confirmed method of physique purification, toxicless nutrition and fit behavior is helping cleanse your physique of poisons to bolster nerves, elevate strength, increase psychological readability and advertise durability. This booklet conjures up tremendous well-being and youthfulness!

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It stimulates immune system, kills bacteria, viruses, and heals ulcers - juiced Stanford Study shows. Dr. James Balch in Prescription for Dietary Wellness, says your chances of contracting colon cancer can be reduced by 60% by eating cabbage weekly. Dr. Saxon-Graham states that those who never consumed cabbage were three times more likely to develop colon cancer. A Japanese study shows people who ate cabbage had the lowest fatality rate from any cancer. Therapeutic benefits have also been attributed to cabbage in relation to scurvy, gout, rheumatism (arthritis), eye diseases, asthma, pyorrhea, and gangrene.

This starts your cleansing, healing and rejuvenation process! Also, try dry skin brushing and water therapy, pages 132-133. You are now on the road to eternal youthfulness! Remember, fresh fruits and vegetables are the internal cosmetics that reveal their wonder-working power by giving you healthy skin that glows like a fresh healthy, polished apple! ) You have just begun to reap the many rewards of The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle! First you eliminate your body’s obstructing toxic poisons. Soon your aches, pains and physical miseries will start to vanish!

I was weak and sick. I used to have blinding headaches every day and I couldn’t stand the pain. I wanted to get out of this body I had. Paul Bragg told me I could be born again and be healthy, strong and fit if I changed to The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle! ’ That night I got down on my knees, by the side of my bed, and I prayed. I didn’t say, ‘God, make me a Mr. ’ I said, ‘God, please give me the will-power and intestinal fortitude to refrain from eating unhealthy, lifeless foods when the urge comes over me.

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