Brain Twisters by Norman Sullivan

By Norman Sullivan

A part of the "Test Your Intelligence" sequence, this provides one hundred sixty five good judgment puzzles, from effortless to tough. solutions and an IQ grading process are integrated.

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He turned his head and smiled, but didn’t otherwise move. ’ she exclaimed. ‘I’m going to get a dose out of this. ’ He nodded. She could see he was half frozen, and in danger of catching a dose himself, and as she led him to The Winding Stair -33 - she couldn’t help feeling that he was smug about the way things had turned out. Upstairs, Tess sat him down at her table. He rubbed his hands and she could see he was grateful to sit in the warmth. As she ordered two coffees - an extravagance but this was no time to count pennies she watched him out of the corner of her eye.

There had been real hurt in her eyes, and it haunted him. He longed to heal that hurt, as if only by doing so would he gain his own peace. And it was obvious that she too was embarrassed by what had happened. This cheered him, as it brought them back on equal terms. Them. Us. We. Why did he think of them as a couple, two people who interacted in, an intimate -56 - way? His momentary happiness drained away as he realized he had been harbouring a fantasy for a long time. He looked about him, trying to forget it, to maintain some dignity; but the more he tried to rid himself of her image, the more his involuntary being rebelled.

Her timing was perfect. As he sat down, she served up the steaming peas and potatoes and the still-sizzling steak, overdone as he preferred. She should have left then. He normally made his own tea and washed up. That was their understanding, but she wanted to make it up with Arthur and hadn't the courage to face him for the moment. The cartoons were still on but it would soon be six o'clock, the news would replace the children's programmes, and she would have to make some move. Or more likely, the drama would come to her, overwhelm her, leaving her without control, as ever.

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