Brazilian Student Activities Manual for Ponto de Encontro: by Clemence de Jouet-Pastre, Anna Klobucka, Patrícia Isabel

By Clemence de Jouet-Pastre, Anna Klobucka, Patrícia Isabel Sobral, Maria Luci de Biaji Moreira, Amelia P. Hutchinson

There's a Brazilian version and European Portuguese model of the Student actions Manual.

The association of the Student actions Manual follows that of the most textual content, delivering additional perform of every chapter’s vocabulary and grammatical buildings via sentence-building and finishing touch workouts, fill-ins, and artwork- and realia-cued actions. interpreting and writing actions contain techniques for bettering analyzing and writing talents. The audio recorded passages are by way of comprehension-check actions. The video dependent actions try out scholars’ comprehension of the video and invite them to react to the stories and reviews expressed through the audio system. a considerable appendix to either SAMs offers extra precise perform for Spanish-speaking newcomers of Portuguese.

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I~ '. demanha it tarde it noite nos fins de semana 1-38 Perguntas pessoais. You will hear four questions. Pause the recording when you hear a beep after . each question, and answer at your own pace. ESTRUTURAS Subject pronouns 1-39 Informal ou formal? You will hear four persons to whom you have to speak. Put an X in the appropriate column to indicate which subject pronoun you would use when addressing each person or persons. VOCE O/A SENHOR/A VOCES OS SENHORES 1. 2. _ 3. _ 4. _ 38 Ponto de Encontro (Brazilian) Student Activities Manual Data: 'Pronomes pessoais.

Raquel 5. Suzete 6. Miguel Li~ao 1 A universidade 29 Segundo passo. Now write four sentences stating some of your own likes and dislikes. 1. Gosto _ 2. Gosto _ 3. Niio gosto ' 4. Niio gosto _ 1-17 Dhilogos. Complete each conversation with appropriate contractions of a, de, or em with definite articles (0, a, os, as). 1. JOSE: MARIO: JOSE: 2. SiLVIA: Voce precisa dicionario para a aula de Portugues? Preciso, onde esta? Esta mesa. A que horas voce chega JOAo: Chego SiLVIA: 3. RITA: JUOITE: RITA: Eu chego laborat6rio segundas-feiras?

Urn doutorado f. Universidade Federal Fluminense g. artes dramaticas h. urn mestrado i. Jomalismo j. Portugues e Espanhol k. Estudos da Linguagem 1-51 Os horarios. Primeiro passo. Listen to the speakers talking about their schedules (horarios) and complete the descriptions given below. 1. Caio tern aulas de Interpreta<;ao tres vezes por _ _ _ _ _ vezes, e a parte te6rica , Expressao e Vocal vezes por semana. 2. Durante a gradua<;ao, Adriana tinha (had) aulas e trabalhava como durante odia. 3. No passado, Manuela costumava (used to) ter aulas das aulas nas as -J' mas agora tern _ Segundo passo.

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