Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, And Evolution: The Historical by Rod Preece

By Rod Preece

During this provocative inquiry into the prestige of animals in human society from the 5th century BC to the current, Rod Preece presents a totally new standpoint at the human-animal dating. He skillfully demonstrates that, counter to triumphing highbrow opinion, moral attitudes towards animals are neither constrained to the 20th century nor the results of Darwin’s thought of evolution. they've been a part of Western proposal and tradition for hundreds of years.

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And he does not leave the impression that he is referring alone to greater complexity. H. ”23 Unfortunately, Hamilton’s reporting of Huxley is not entirely convincing. ”24 Certainly, Huxley thought them less sentient than humans, but it is improbable that he thought animals without all feeling, and unfortunately, Hamilton provides us with no evidence for his bizarre assertion. In addition, in his  Mind in the Lower Animals, the Darwinian evolutionist W. ”25 Other chapter headings include “The Moral Sense ...

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