Caesar: The Gallic War (Loeb Classical Library No. 72) by Julius Caesar; H. J. Edwards (trans.)

By Julius Caesar; H. J. Edwards (trans.)

Книга содержит полный латинский текст знаменитой «Галльской войны» Гая Юлия Цезаря и английский перевод, статьи и указатели, а также карты и планы.
Автор текста VIII книги «Галльской войны» Авл Гирций (Hirtius A.).

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The day was the 28th of March, in the consulship 2 of Lucius Piso and Aulus Gabinius. When Caesar was informed that they were endeavouring to march through the Roman Province, he made speed to leave Rome, and hastening to Further Gaul by as rapid stages as possible, arrived near Geneva. From the whole Province he requisitioned the largest possible number of troops (there was in Further Gaul no more than a single legion), and ordered the bridge at Geneva to be broken down. C. o. II CAESAR Nammeius et Verucloetius principem locum obtine- bant, qui dicerent sibi esse in animo sine ullo maleficio iter per provinciam facere, propterea quod aliud iter haberent nullum sibi facere liceat.

Had learnt from their parents and ancestors to fight their battles with courage, not with cunning nor Caesar therefore must reliance upon stratagem. not allow the place of their conference to derive renown or perpetuate remembrance by a disaster to the Roman people and the destruction of an army. To these remarks Caesar replied as follows As he remembered well the events which the Helvetian deputies had mentioned, he had therefore the less need to hesitate and his indignation was the more vehement in proportion as the Roman people had — : ; : ; 21 CAESAR qui cavere difficile missum a ; se intellegeret quare timeret, liae oblivisci vellet, quod eo fuisse sed eo deceptum, quod neque com- causa timendum putaret.

Had appointed with the deputies arrived, and the deputies returned to him, he said that, following the custom and precedent of the Roman people, he could not grant anyone a passage through the Province and he made it plain that he would stop any attempt Disappointed of this hope, the to force the same. o. 13 CAESAR Helvetii ea spe deiecti, navibus iunctis ratibusque factis, alii vadis compluribus altitudo fluminis erat, noctu, si Rhodani, qua minima nonnumquam interdiu, saepius perrumpere possent conati, operis muni- tione et militum concursu et telis repulsi hoc conatu destiterunt.

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