Cambridge Illustrated Dictionary of Astronomy by Jacqueline Mitton

By Jacqueline Mitton

This lavishly illustrated new dictionary written via an skilled author and advisor on astronomy presents a necessary consultant to the universe for beginner astronomers of every age. round 1300 conscientiously chosen and cross-referenced entries are complemented through hundreds of thousands of gorgeous color illustrations, taken from area missions, the Hubble house Telescope, and different significant observatories in the world and in area. exceptional stellar illustrator Wil Tirion has drawn 20 new superstar maps specifically for inclusion right here. A myriad of named astronomical gadgets, constellations, observatories and area missions are defined intimately, in addition to biographical sketches for 70 of the main luminous members within the background of astronomy and area technological know-how. Acronyms and expert phrases are sincerely defined, making for the main thorough and thoroughly assembled reference source that lecturers and lovers of astronomy will ever want.

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The spiral arms seem to wind out from the end of the bar. Barringer Crater ä Meteor Crater. Barwell meteorite A 46-kilogram (101–lb) stony ä meteorite that fell near the village of Barwell, Leicestershire, UK, in 1965. Though it broke up, it is the largest stony meteorite known to have fallen in the UK. [33] barycenter The barred spiral galaxy NGC 1365, which lies about 60 million light years away in the Fornax cluster of galaxies. barycenter The center of mass (balancing point) of a system of bodies moving under the their mutual gravitational attraction.

He realized the importance of making careful systematic observations of celestial bodies. When a ‘‘new star’’ blazed out in the constellation Cassiopeia in 1572 – what we now know to have been a ä supernova – Tycho recognized that it was something astronomical and not a phenomenon in the atmosphere and the short book he wrote about it made his name known. The King of Denmark and Norway was impressed by Tycho and funded magnificently equipped observatories for him on the island of Hven. He worked there from 1577 but following a disagreement with a new king, left in 1596.

Mercury and the Moon, for example, are not massive enough to hold on to atmospheric gases. Earth, Venus, Mars and Titan are examples of rocky bodies with substantial atmospheres. In the giant planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, there is no clear boundary between the gaseous layers on the outside and the liquid below; their ‘‘atmosphere’’ is the top layer of gas. The more transparent outermost layers of a star are also described as an atmosphere. atmospheric extinction A reduction in the brightness of an astronomical object caused by absorption and scattering in Earth’s atmosphere.

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